perseverance in a sentence

Example sentences for perseverance

This is a triumphant, true story of sacrifice and perseverance.
But the hours-long setup process requires an early adopter's perseverance.
However, he stayed on and his perseverance paid off.
Victory is merely the culmination of planning, perception and perseverance.
Altruism and perseverance are ingredients of her career tale.
Through sheer perseverance, it is being rebuilt.
So if you don't believe perseverance will pay back, then it won't.
Rees has written an unforgettable memoir of courage, empathy and perseverance.
Patience and perseverance will overcome mountains.
Yet she contrived to read and write with unwavering perseverance.
These moments must be earned through patience, trust, and perseverance.
Successful policy demands consistency and perseverance, as the cold war demonstrated.
Perseverance is easily acquired around enjoyable activities such as chosen play.
How science selects for perseverance and sociability at the expense of intelligence and creativity.
By album's end, he's clinging to harder-won virtues such as resilience and perseverance.
Rather, perseverance through imprisonment is a source of pride for its members.
Through vision and perseverance, they create thriving companies.
The award goes to the player who who exhibits perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey.
Yet it casts a spell, and it has a message that people who believe in perseverance and painting will be glad to hear.
Parents send youngsters to special boot camps run by marines to learn perseverance.
What is required is the same perseverance and idealism that our founders displayed.
The degree tells an employer that an applicant had the ability and perseverance to accomplish something.
She was selected on the basis of her perseverance and her commitment to community service.

Famous quotes containing the word perseverance

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