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His priest dwells in a house on the highest peak of the mountain, where he keeps the winds bottled up in huge jars.
At the peak of the boom both the value of the collateral and the degree of leverage reach a peak.
World oil production is about to reach a peak and go into its final decline.
If anyone really knew when the housing market would bottom out or reach its peak, there would be no reason to speculate.
The real problem with peak oil is likely to be political and not economic.
The association now has 573 members, down from a peak of 584 in 2008.
Off peak electricity costs less than peak electricity.
Stone fruits, berries, and melons are at their best at the peak of summer.
Only one in ten people complete the five- to six-day trek to the peak.
These and other less familiar citrus varieties are at their seasonal peak now.
As more and more cooling units came into use, the summer peak load grew closer to the winter peak and finally surpassed it.
They are at peak sustainable output right now.
Easy to manipulate the camera to peak around corners without exposing yourself .
World discovery peaked in the 1960s and must deliver a corresponding peak of production.
One sees, with a shock, a mountain peak shewing faintly against a lighter background.
What the college needed was fewer students during the congested hours and more in the off-peak afternoon hours.
But the real trick is finding them when they are on the ascent and before they peak.
True, for more than a year his ratings have been falling from their peak of three million daily viewers.
It entirely depends on the system, and how much you are willing to adjust your schedule in order to avoid peak travel times.
Researchers worry that a sharp spike in oil prices would follow such a peak unless counteracted by falling demand.
The impact flash is visible to the lower right of that peak in the photo sequence, taken with an infrared camera.
Such a signal can be observed easily with a circuit containing a transconductance amplifier and a peak detector.
After impact, a central peak remains within the crater, sometimes rising above the level of the pre-impact surface.
The winter flu epidemic in a given locality reaches its peak in two to three weeks and lasts five to six weeks.
The food might not be at peak quality after the date, but it can still be eaten safely.
So at about three days of life, the bilirubin level has reached a peak level.
The current plan is to have them on display during peak tourist season.
The increase showed up in both the duration of the storms and their peak wind speeds.
At the peak of the growing season, mowing may be needed more than once a week.
Sweet corn, picked at the peak of ripeness, is paired here with tender chicken and creamy chunks of avocado.
Stop at the farmer's market or harvest from your garden for this peak-of-summer puréed soup.
Reduces indoor temperatures during peak summer days.
For a long season of bloom, combine plants that peak in both seasons.
At the peak of the corporate-results season, three stories look at the entrails.
The secret to mixing together the ultimate pie filling is to start with ingredients that are at their seasonal peak.
At their peak, they can be almost sickly sweet, so try to use them up before they get too ripe.
It gets you to that feeling of being in the zone-the same feeling you get when you're having a peak moment as an athlete.
For some mountaineers, the top of the world also represents the peak of human ambition.
In fact, it is recommended that guests call early to make reservations because sites go quickly during peak times and seasons.
For others, the curve was more of a steady rise with a peak near the end.
The company looked to a public cloud provider to provide peak capacity to support this extra demand.
Then reports peak an hour after the game and return to normal a couple hours later.
Working at peak efficiency, it took an average of forty-five minutes to scrub the oil off a penguin.
During peak fishing seasons, trawlers from around the globe converge here.
By contrast, suppose you and your neighbor have bet on whether today's peak temperature would exceed fifty degrees.
It can shift hours of off-peak generation to on-peak periods, over a wide range of operation.
The ability to reduce peak demand could allow utilities to put off building new power plants.
The process used electricity, but that could easily be done off peak when it was cheaper.
Solar power is ultimately limited by the fact that the solar cells only produce their peak output for a few hours each day.
It reaches peak efficiency with cooler outside temps.
These structures can also double the number of useful peak hours of generation and reduce seasonal variation to boot.
Here is the star at its peak, neither climbing nor descending.
Unlike those retired world leaders, she remains at the peak of her profession, though her hold has become more precarious.
When the phone-hacking crisis reached its peak, she went back to the board and told them she wouldn't take her seat after all.
Nine years later, he is at his peak-invited to everything and busier than ever.
His sojourn there, though it coincided with what was arguably his artistic peak, sowed the seeds for his post-filmmaking life.
Her early albums represented a peak in a decade not short on good guitar music.
Summertime wild salmon is prized because it is at its peak of physical development.
During the peak harvest, you're pretty much working ten-hour days.
At his creative peak, though, it almost seemed possible.
To be sure, an oversupply did exist at the peak of the housing bubble and possibly still does.
They taste the way one hopes for the best variety of this fruit to be at its peak of ripeness and freshness.
As you can see, a productivity spike around peak in unemployment isn't uncommon.
Here's a peak behind the curtain in the photo editing process.
In fact, it appears to be reaching its peak brightness right now, and should be visible in binoculars.
Their morning peak of positivity happened two hours after everyone else and they didn't have a second peak at night.
Shift up to a higher gear and the wheels can spin faster while the pistons chug along at peak efficiency.
Twilight is the best time to venture up this abrupt peak.
It may not match peak oil in terms of a global crisis, but the world is running out of another non-renewable resource: helium.

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