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What a beautiful transformation of a boring side area into a handsome garden pathway and area.
When people play action games, they're changing the brain's pathway responsible for visual processing.
There is no pre-determined evolutionary pathway or trajectory.
Important connections between the cerebrum and the olive of the same side exist but the exact pathway is unknown.
Follow you the star that lights a desert pathway, yours or mine.
Its obligations throng the unexplored pathway of advancement, and will be limitless as duration.
The pathway for voluntary motor impulses is probably similar to that for the abducent nerve.
He too made every forest pathway dangerous to me and my ally with his lurking ambuscades.
People, it seems, have a special pathway of nerves that send pleasure signals to the brain when the skin is gently stroked.
When researchers attempt to add more than one new nutrient pathway, the genes tend to become scrambled in subsequent generations.
In our society, school is a pathway to success later in life.
My pathway to the field was by no means prescribed but, considered retrospectively, seems almost obvious.
We see the need to more clearly articulate the pathway to college, and the benefits of college, for students across the nation.
For many students, and many reasons, this is the college pathway of the future.
If the pathway attacked by that drug is not active in a patient, the drug is unlikely to curb his tumour's growth.
Negative undisciplined living is a pathway to destruction.
What's important is less the pathway than the impact on students.
The company has licensed in three compounds, each one acting on a different pathway in the brain.
With the state as the ultimate pathway to control and access those resources, people therefore fight for it.
So many are isolated, dropped out on the pathway and left to their own devices.
Once a pathway has been identified, each molecular step along it can be investigated as a possible drug target.
Amid the stately palaces, gorgeous gardens and lofty towers, you can design your own pathway to royalty.
Negative undisciplined living is a pathway to destruction.
Downspouts are often located near an easy runoff pathway, such as a driveway.
Pathway lights, garden lights and even flood lights come in solar-powered varieties.
Common residential applications for solar lights include outdoor garden, patio and pathway lighting.
Our third pathway to discovery is one of the oldest forms of learning-listening to storytellers.
The pathway to the beach runs through an old coconut plantation, which is fascinating in itself.
We then went up a pathway to an area that overlooked the same tank.
The distance was not as forbidding as the condition of the pathway in bad weather.
Scientists do not know, but recently pain researchers uncovered a possible pathway from mind to body.
But researchers have yet to discover the pathway by which smog impacts the cardiovascular system.
The mutations trigger a signaling pathway that accelerates cancerous cell growth.
Police detectives determined from a set of muddy footprints that the vandal had traveled along each pathway exactly once.
Specifically, the researchers determined that the toxin suppressed a previously unrecognized signaling pathway within the cells.
Instead, this program only offers a method, a pathway to recovery.
While many of these commitments were expected, the pathway to agreement was a surprise.
He was a cement technician by trade, dealing with the factories only if they needed a pathway poured, or a small foundation set.
Finding meaning through loss is, of course, not the only pathway to great achievement.
The three are part of a pathway of genes, each triggering the next in line.
The entire pathway is softly lit, because cows balk at darkness or bright light.
Many different triggers may alter a common pathway, depending on the genetics of the patient.
But critics say there's no good evidence of an active nerve pathway from the pit to the brain.
Once researchers understand the pathway well enough to manipulate it pharmacologically, such patients might find relief.
The scientists can't even say that they identified, for sure, a single the genetic pathway that influences our political views.
Scientists genetically engineered mice to dampen part of the insulin-signaling pathway in the brain.
Neurons die off if the pathway is not used they do form new interconnections.
But this time around, its pathway into the market isn't quite as clear.
The genes that push a stem cell down a particular developmental pathway are regulated at many different levels.
Even with that easy pathway, however, you wouldn't stay up there on the moon.
They work by throwing up roadblocks all along the pain pathway from the nerve endings in the skin to the spinal cord to the brain.
There's pretty good evidence that what you need to do is to build up an emotional pathway of empathy in the brain.

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