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They are all constructed on heavy lines with thick padding which becomes water-soaked in the rainy season.
Helmets today still use the same basic plastic shell with internal padding that players wore in the post-war period.
Words multiply, some modifying and qualifying, others repeating or padding the main argument.
Elsewhere there are evidences of padding, staginess, and even pompousness.
Much more unusual is the foam padding covering the floor.
He says the practice of padding one's ratings is rampant among professors.
Females have thick padding on their reproductive tract that's reinforced with strong, elastic connective tissue.
Modular detachable bottom padding lets you choose between extra protection and a larger storage area.
Operate on multiple continents and specialize in flat- and whitewater padding.
There's no padding in the place, no room for error in dealing with the medical establishment.
There is also a lot of padding, with many of the images being repeated in the same show, and in subsequent shows.
Avoid boots with padding inside, a sure sign of shoddy construction.
Two further layers of padding will also be stuffed into capital cushions.
More padding-in the form of cash in the bank-will be necessary to secure a clean bill of health.
The truth that no one wants to admit is that all such fees are padding to increase the actual cost of the ticket.
Padding traps heat, steaming your back on long rides.
It was an old, ugly army surplus canvas bag with padding added inside to make it both camera-friendly and thief-unfriendly.
The dean of admissions, of all people at a university, has to be pretty firm on the question of résumé padding.
They shortened the ears, added some extra padding around the middle, and turned the rabbit into a mouse.
Place the board into the board bag and insert extra padding.
They should also have plenty of built-in insulation and padding all along the interior, with a durable lining.
Horsehair padding in the pew cushions has also survived through years of use and reupholstering.
Wrap the car seat in bubble wrap to provide padding.
In addition, look for moleskin footpads or other types of padding to help prevent blisters.
Bring along suitable containers and plenty of padding to keep these keepsakes safe in your suitcase.
Padding prevents sliding and enables your rug to lie flat.
Rubber-based recycled padding is common and can outgas.
Carpet padding was either a woven fiber felt or bonded foam.
Slings must not be covered with permanent padding that would prevent them from being inspected before each use.
Anticipate that the padding will increase both its width and height.
Polyurethane foam from furniture, mattresses, carpet padding and other materials.
Carpet padding can be recycled depending on your location.
Unsafe helmets normally contain only soft foam padding or a bare plastic shell with no padding at all.
The corresponding decrypting device must then discard these padding bits after decryption of the cipher text block.
Mold can grow on wet carpet and wet carpet backing or padding if they are not dried quickly.
Each edge of the box has properties: margin, border and padding.

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