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It is an offensive package complete with three wide receivers and a tight end.
Most prisons don't accept packages without return addresses, and this package doesn't have one.
Even though the company decided to print a date on the package, a judge dismissed the date as not having any legal worth.
It arrived in a plain brown package by registered mail, insured for one million dollars.
The modular structures arrive in a four-foot-by-eight-foot package and pop up in a day.
Nutritionally, potatoes are pretty much the complete package.
And there might be a crew care package from families, too.
Make and package these exquisite chocolates yourself.
Mix in a complete fertilizer according to package directions.
Beans and sunflowers were started from seed, following package instructions.
Following the package instructions, apply the iron-on adhesive to the back side of the yellow cotton.
Use a complete granular rose fertilizer according to package instructions.
Some growers package them as a mix for a blend of flavors.
Boil pasta in salted water according to package directions.
Every little while, the parlor-maid brings a message or a package.
As you dispose of the container from your frozen dinner, you notice a number on the bottom of the package.
Tell them they will learn about volcanoes, earthquakes, and tornadoes in this film and educational package.
Each package will have its own tracking number which will be sent to you in an email when the package is shipped.
The highest quality optics now come in this remarkably small package.
Cover your work area with plastic and read the instructions on the dye package.
Harvesters pluck the package-caterpillar larva and parasitic fungus-whole from the ground.
The revitalized crayons, in cookie cutter block shapes, make wonderful gifts and clever package decorations.
Deployment of an instrument package to film and record underwater behavior of blue whales.
The pollen-bearing package represents the first known fossil of an orchid, researchers say.
Equipped with three micro motors and touch sensors, this car packs a lot of features into a small package.
Submit your business and let the community decide on if it's worthy to win a small business prize package.
Amtrak has five basic types of train vacations, four of which consist of vacation package deals.
With each package you have a choice of a deluxe room, spacious suite or honeymoon suite.
Ask what's in a college president's benefits package, and trustees and other officials clam up.
The university offers a comprehensive benefits package.
Now, students and parents are forced to apply to many colleges in order to find out what the financial aid package will be.
Compensation will be commensurate with education, training, and experience and includes an outstanding benefits package.
Although a sweet voice and special scent may complete the package, humans depend largely on vision to identify their partners.
For our ancestors, meat supplied a more concentrated package of calories and nutrients than weeds and berries.
We set the table together, carry a large package or navigate between other drivers in heavy traffic.
Seeds are a popular bird food because they are highly nutritious food item in a relatively small package.
After registering on the site, study participants are shipped a package of information and a stool-sample kit.
To stabilize its negatively charged genetic package, a virus may carry a remarkably high positive charge on the capsid interior.
The third cause for concern is what the euro area's governments will do with the time the rescue package buys them.
The core of the package is a major overhaul of the judiciary.
There seems no doubt that resistance from politicians and investors to a seriously big package is melting.
They're making a judgment about what the entire package will mean.
But for the many outspoken opponents of the health care reform package, they prompted a renewed commitment to repealing the law.
Add the pasta and cook according to package instructions.
All of these schemes are ways to avoid putting negative information on package labels.
For a long time now, universities have flourished by offering a bundled package of knowledge and credentialing.
While toffee is chilling, clean pie plate and bake piecrust in it according to package instructions.
Cook artichoke hearts according to package instructions, then drain well and finely chop.
Boil noodles in salted water according to package directions and drain.
All it takes is a package of plain gelatin and a blender.
The firm guarantees the package satisfactory or your money returned.
Fold all four sides of the dough over the butter in the center and seal the package by pressing the edges together firmly.
Hubert appeared in the doorway, slightly flushed and bearing in his hand a limp white package wrapped in butcher's paper.
The standard package includes motor vehicle fuels, electricity, and gas for residential uses.
If it was only a tactic, it should have stopped when serious ideas or package proposals were put on the table.
While it's a story that ties everything up in one neat package, however, it's strongly at odds with the evidence.
What this month's package on design teaches us about how better things are created.
The images would hold information about the kind of drug contained in a package and the legitimate owner.
Last year's stimulus package could help raise the rest of the funding needed.
But it also has stopped offering everything for free and tried to sell a subscription package.
At the same time, it seems likely that projects funded through the federal stimulus package will get underway this year.
Smaller circuits would have leaked more current, necessitating a bigger battery and making the whole package larger.
When you put a lot of joules into a small or light package, you increase the risk of fire or worse.
Others envision space planes handling a variety of tasks from rapid package delivery to suborbital microgravity experiments.
If the client side package requires any download that can be detected and possibly used to subvert the system.
The enablers in your device are miniature electronics, high enough energy in a small package for power, and a means of control.
Much longer range on a charge, and a battery lease program as part of the package.
With her money and looks and his talent, they made a pretty great package.
He took a worn package of matches out of his pocket and asked me to put my phone number on the back.
The singing and the dancing and the records-the whole package.
The two together made the whole package: the satyr in the creamery, cavorting among the dairymaids.
Said she should have done it our way-an entire package-all or nothing.
He is deceptively wise because it doesn't come in a slick package.
Wanting attention isn't a requisite part of the package.
The emerging health-reform package has a master plan for this problem.
That's why the stakes in this argument are higher than the final price tag on the stimulus package.
The offense arrives on the field with a two-receiver, two-end package.
His retirement package included keys to the locker room showers.
Take the fiscal stimulus package-eight hundred billion dollars.
His struggle to contain this combustible emotional package makes him at once dangerous and exciting.
Puffy hopes to dignify the urban life and package it for people who may never have entered a city.
The package includes an alarm pheromone, which calls in other bees and incites them to sting too.
Humans are the only living animals with that package of cognitive skills.
Together, the five experiments make a compelling package.
So the next day they threaded a flexible tube called a bronchoscope into his lungs and dripped in the virus-gene package.
And those package inserts are written in gibberish legalese, without any useful statistics.
The latest hardware package is the size of a thimble.
Attend a workshop to learn more about your benefit package.
Finally, keep in mind that employers can always improve your severance package.
Delivering a package efficiently is what it gets paid for.
Remove the phyllo dough from its package and cover with a damp cloth.

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