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We live in a society oriented around our inner wonderfulness.
Must be detail oriented and able to work independently.
All three had a thorough technical competence in their scholarly field of scientifically oriented philosophy.
Strangely enough, however, the planet's magnetic poles have not always been oriented as they are today.
The spin can be oriented up or down, representing a one or zero.
We have become a punishment oriented society rather than a solution oriented society which is a sure path to failure.
S-shaped lines are flags oriented one behind the other.
Most do not even notice their sixth sense-the sensation of how one's head is oriented and moving.
Yet when you insert a third polarizer between the two, oriented diagonally, then some photons make it through.
The position is heavily oriented towards academic advising and, eventually, could morph to include registrar functions as well.
No clarifications on whether it is teaching or research oriented and the topics seem completely off hand.
It it oriented the same way as the original drawing.
My decidedly non-math oriented library and information science grad students learn it as soon as they get to school.
There are many non-scientifically oriented people who can, and sometimes do, use critical thinking.
The article as printed has no place in a science oriented publication.
With its synthesizers and sequenced percussion, it has a much more contemporary, dance-oriented sound.
It's a great combination of performance-oriented features and essential comfort components so you can go all-mountain, all day.
The scientists speculate that this behavior may allow the animals to stay spatially oriented.
Even such customer-oriented salespeople were found to lose all respect from customers for having barked at a co-worker.
Baloney that construction a building is not energy conservation oriented.
It's an emotional revenge-oriented tantrum that shares certain characteristics with violent criminal behavior itself.
In addition, shooting wolves is disrespectful to highly intelligent family-oriented survivors in the wild.
But there are certainly loads of more clinically oriented approaches available out there.
Evolution is not intelligent, it is not goal oriented and does not act with purpose.
Polarized light, on the other hand, has all its waves oriented only one way.
Tree leaves are oriented to provide the broadest surface to the incoming fog rather than to the sun.
So birds don't need to see lines in the cage to be normally oriented.
Hold your arms out with your palm oriented vertically, as if you were trying to shake someone's hand.
Most of you who are ecologically oriented are probably aware of various index of diversities.
Connections that are not made, and opportunity's missed due to the tunnel-vision of goal-oriented research.
In other words, those systems have randomly-oriented planes of rotation.
The building is carefully oriented so that prevailing winds direct outside air into the building in both winter and summer.
And besides, he felt that the really good life must be oriented toward something or someone.
It's senior-oriented policy meeting senior-oriented politics.
They are described as being more energetic, restless, and more externally oriented than the nonsmokers.
Thanks a lot so much for this skilled and result oriented help.
Thanks a lot so much for the professional and results-oriented guide.
Thanks for your time so much for this professional and result oriented help.
Applicants must be pursuing journalism as a career and have experience working in a deadline-oriented environment.
The sequel is expected to be more open and action-oriented compared to its predecessor.
Most of the other announced routes were seasonal, though they also were to leisure-oriented destinations.
It's oriented to capture sun and shade, and its concrete floors and concrete interior wall hold the heat.
Its export-oriented firms want to lock in closer ties with end-customers.
The group includes the large and the small, the export-oriented and the domestically focused.
The party has been too economy and tax-oriented, he says.
The newer farms tend to be large and export-oriented.
Those wage gains over which the piece frets will reduce export-oriented growth while fueling domestic spending.
Market-oriented resolutions, however, are going out of style.
It's also collaborative being web-based and tea oriented.
Plow marks from deep-draft icebergs, oriented randomly, are all over the seafloor shallower than a few hundred meters.
Most people will appreciate this system as a self-contained digital media-oriented all-in-one.
He's a family-oriented guy who did a lot for that community.
The utilitarians are more result oriented, and what us to behave in a way that maximizes happiness.
Overture is an object-oriented code framework for solving partial differential equations.
Still, the transition from an outward-oriented growth model won't be easy.
Now fashion-forward designers are refitting this service-oriented market.
In the chain-of-command-oriented military, whistleblowers rarely fare well.
The site was merely one in a vast constellation of dude-oriented sites that get millions of page views each month.

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