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The orderly kitchen cabinets, made of maple-veneered plywood, act as a visual anchor for the red plastered walls.
Proper protocol-the time-honored, orderly, and collegial way of dealing with issues in academe-seems to be deteriorating.
From large through extra-large to jumbo, there's an orderly progression of prices, with a premium for color.
But violating protocol, or allowing others to do so, disrupts the orderly conduct of university business.
Before the star died, comets in the outer reaches of the system orbited in an orderly fashion.
But any look at a seismic map shows that faults don't follow neat and orderly lines across the landscape.
Demonstrations there have been relatively orderly, directed mainly at the country's parliamentary government.
They must be orderly in their work so that others can understand their findings.
They went about their work in a precise and orderly way.
The lit areas showed the governed, stable, orderly parts of the planet.
The evolution of life has not been an orderly affair.
Within seconds, the formerly orderly grid of the mine was reduced to rubble.
Many of the essentials of a fertile, creative environment are anathema to an orderly, well-run organization.
So one morning, the orderly arrived at her room to wheel her to radiology.
But it's one thing to picture the orderly lines of a blueprint, quite another to traverse the dark confines of a capsized ship.
Our job is to make sure the domain name system is secure and stable, that it has an orderly evolution and that it be fair.
The orderly and accurate division of cells is vital to the survival of all living things.
The molecules in ice are packed in an orderly fashion, forming crystals.
To form a reliable memory requires that the past be orderly-that is, have a low entropy.
Effectively this observer is seeing the universe become colder and more orderly, which is low entropy.
The world hasn't marched in an orderly fashion into its current configuration.
And that's when the frenetic yet orderly routine of the emergency room began to break down.
There are leftover cells, too--cells that must be killed off lest they fatally disrupt the orderly array of facets.
Any transition away from our debt-based system must be done in an orderly fashion.
Recall that your body is a moving collection of these building sites, piled in a relatively orderly way on top of another.
Initially, these molecules have an orderly crystalline structure that renders them transparent.
Though he was a scientist by training, there was nothing rigid or predictable or orderly about him.
Our interaction was refreshingly orderly, noble in its vigor, dignified despite its shamelessness.
Her frustrations were those of living an orderly life in a disorderly world.
Among other things, he stays in a hospital for malingerers and serves as an orderly for an army chaplain.
In fact, so orderly was the evening that there was a how-to guide included with the invitation on the proper way to waltz.
It was a tidy plan for an orderly war, everything in its place.
Conventional notions of orderly procedure had no place.
But he should aim to write an orderly discussion supported by evidence, not a summary with occasional comment.
These last had brought with them certain fresh appliances that stood in an orderly manner about the cylinder.
For two hundred and fifty years sixty millions of people had enjoyed the material blessings of peace and orderly government.
In proportion as it spreads the neighborhood takes on a more orderly character.
And speedily they went aboard and sat upon the benches, and sitting orderly smote the grey sea water with their oars.
The trees were cleared and camp was made with orderly hurry.
But it is undoubtedly more orderly-and less brutal-than it used to be.
The first is that in some extreme cases, when a large debt reduction is needed, orderly write-downs are necessary.
For orderly growth in commodity exchange, the volume should be regulated to the size of physical trades in regulated proportion.
In reality, technological progress is rather less orderly.
In many ways it was a microcosm of the country whose flag flies on its airliners' tails-solid, reliable, orderly and successful.
But his aim is to use transparency to create a more orderly market, not to set prices.
The probability of a reasonably orderly conclusion of the crisis appears to be falling.
The artifacts were placed in an orderly manner, one upon another.
Some have campground hosts on site to answer questions and help keep the campground orderly.
Relief organizations are working out how to deliver aid in a safe and orderly way.
The crowd of a few hundred people filed out in orderly fashion.
The orderly rows of elms performed an additional architectural function.
Groceries weren't always displayed on such orderly, open-access shelving.
In the time that my husband was there, he was a cook and an orderly, so he was basically cooking and cleaning.
He loved to look at the orderly rows of bottles on his shelves.
The facility was being kept clean and orderly, with good water and electricity.
The county has adopted numerous regulations to support orderly development and quality of life.
Provide prompt and orderly disposition of civil, criminal and traffic cases.
Evacuate in an orderly manner if instructed to do so.
Evacuate in an orderly manner when instructed to do so.
His vice-presidential selection process was quiet, orderly and comprehensive.
She calls to them, clacks again on the pie tin with a long-handled teaspoon and tells them to line up in orderly fashion.
Most scrums are more orderly than they look and are finished in a flash.

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