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But these intricate paintings orbit a mystical sphere of their own.
As the nerve enters the optic foramen its dural sheath becomes continuous with that lining the orbit and the optic foramen.
Another is that it is intended to destroy satellites, or to drop bombs from orbit.
He says that if the technology does work in orbit, the habitats will be ideal for building bases on the moon.
The maiden launch into orbit of the first commercial spacecraft was successful.
Which in turn prevents useful and productive technologies such as communications satellites in geosynchronous orbit.
Education must not orbit around change it must embody change.
In this system, any slight kick would have ejected a small blob of molten rock into orbit.
The ring captures photons from a laser and holds them in orbit.
We're interested in the hardware that's actually going into orbit and beyond.
Or all the gyroscopic inertial platforms in orbit will suddenly start to drift.
Horizontally to the nuclei orbit, chips are flung out to produce a pole on each side of the orbit.
Astronomers are finding that some faraway worlds orbit multiple suns.
Lots of stars are bound up in binaries, where two stars orbit each other.
Two washing-machine-sized satellites recently went into orbit around the moon.
Technically, it keeps the moon in orbit around the sun.
The satellites orbit the main galaxy and, in the process, trigger slow-motion waves in it.
He dreams of bouncing entangled light off of satellites in orbit.
For example an electron jumps from orbit to orbit in an atom without traversing the space between orbits.
Seasons arise when the axis of a planet's spin is tilted relative to the plane of the planet's orbit.
The final orbit was one of the best, since it was almost totally over ocean.
All the other planets and smaller bodies that orbit the sun amount to nothing more than bread crumbs by comparison.
It's a story about archetypes who orbit around the horses and the track.
And sure, the same technology could someday help blast satellites out of orbit.
The odds of seven or more failing before replacements get into orbit is rather low.
That's a drag on low-flying satellites and can even knock them out of orbit.
The tracks are perfectly executed, and they seem to be designed to be seen from orbit.
Most of them are taken in sequences of one frame per second, closely resembling the true speed of the station in orbit.
To have such a speedy orbit, the stars must be moving at about.
As a result, during part of its orbit it is a little closer to us than at other times.
Equinoxes occur at the point in a planet's orbit when the sun shines directly on the planet's equator.
In addition, a planet has to dominate the neighborhood around its orbit.
In orbit, you can't rely on gravity to tug wastewater down the pipes of a toilet.
Astronauts who reach the facility aboard one of these missions typically live and work in orbit for about six months.
At the orbit's peak, the probes reach nearly halfway to the moon.
These dots move as the moons orbit the planet, creating tails that swirl around the auroras.
They will also enter lunar orbit, a position from which landers can repeatedly visit the moon's surface.
In orbit, the fluids in your body are no longer being pushed by gravity into your lower half.
Friends gravitate to your orbit so get something exciting in action.
So the transit method tells you how many planets there are, how long it takes them to orbit, and their size.
Binary stars are stars that physically orbit each other.
If any objects orbit there-nobody knows-they would stay in place indefinitely.
If you got close enough to the sun where a small disc would block a large area at the planet's orbit, it'd be doable.
It moves pretty slowly, so it must be in a high orbit.
When astronomers map an orbit of an object, there's some uncertainty in the measurements.
Stars orbit the pivot point at the center of galaxies, planets in turn orbit stars, and moons in turn orbit planets.
If it had failed to burn, they would have been stranded forever in lunar orbit.

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