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Some of the imagery in the exhibition is comprehensible to informed outsiders, while some is ambiguous or completely opaque.
Pretending to be a medical expert is possible precisely because medical knowledge is so specialized and opaque.
The fabric is opaque translucent so the taillights shine through, and small motors pull the fabric back to reveal the headlights.
Lost is so opaque that you need networked smarts to fully enjoy it.
In an ordinary microscopic section, viewed by transmitted light, they appear as fusiform opaque spots.
The universe is opaque because everything is so far away light doesn't arrive from other stuff.
Add the chicken and sauté for a couple of minutes until it turns opaque.
The war of occupation-dubious in origin, incompetent in execution, opaque but ominous in ultimate consequences-continues.
Line-X is opaque, so probably traditional bullet proof windows are needed.
No, this dust is actually composed of complex organic molecules, and they are opaque to visible light.
And a lot of science blogs can be far too opaque for the average reader.
Some are, but for people not in the field they can be pretty opaque.
For reasons unknown to this day, it sank a bit in the atmosphere, and opaque clouds covered it up.
As the fish cooks, its flesh turns from opaque to white.
The rice goes from being transparent to being opaque, and seems filled up.
If what he's saying is a little opaque, let me unpack it.
But the real push for transparency has come from the scandals that often breed in opaque government.
Their rewards are more opaque than salary and options, and could even be imperilled by overt signs of affluence.
It is family-controlled and hierarchical, prizes market share over profits and has an opaque and confusing ownership structure.
But the defence budget is so opaque that the government's figures have to be treated with enormous scepticism.
The government's opaque accounting makes it impossible to know how it has used the money.
Today's opaque pensions system is unfair to private-sector workers, who suffer a triple whammy.
Such ministerial fiats have questionable legal authority and procedures for monitoring and ensuring compliance are often opaque.
In the long run, smart systems will create more transparency but to get accepted they need to be less opaque themselves.
But financial arrangements between the two emirates are opaque.
The turmoil will embolden those calling for the opaque, over-the-counter market to move onto exchanges.
While our financial system is rarely transparent and often opaque, it is also networked for voice, data and email.
Natural light hits the cement floors through opaque skylights in an insulated tin roof.
They said fewer registration kits were sent to their rural strongholds, while cross-checking was purposefully opaque.
Fencing used to screen patios, other outdoor areas, and service areas that are adjacent to buildings may be opaque.

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