oomph in a sentence

Example sentences for oomph

Perhaps you'll remember it when you feel that you need the extra oomph.
It's a good idea to plant them with companion plants as in the photo, to give the planting more oomph during the off season.
But so far this season, the winter storms have lacked oomph.
The jets give him powered ascent and the oomph to do loops.
Four flywheels would have the oomph to run a standard-size car, but not for long distances.
The trouble is that turbochargers can take several seconds to provide the extra oomph.
It gets its extra oomph from a supercharger forcing more air into the combustion chambers of its engine.
They have more oomph, and no need of a gearbox to deliver it.
Today's turbochargers, however, take several seconds to deliver the extra oomph.
Without a follow through from household and business spending, the industrial sector won't be providing much oomph to the economy.
Further down the line, radical flywheel designs could provide even more additional oomph.
But for some time more oomph has been coming from domestic demand, chiefly investment.
Not quite enough graphics oomph for a multimedia system.
Hub could benefit from a little more oomph at high speeds.
There's also a headphone port and a sub-out connector if you need some more oomph.
It's always been a lousy choice, but its even more so as consumers demand more oomph and the government demands more efficiency.
Here, a one-shoulder gown gets a modern oomph with an abstract print at the midsection.
Trouble is, none have enough oomph to win the fight.
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