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His cellular plan included unlimited text messages, so the onslaught did not run up his bill.
Several property and casualty insurers collapsed under the onslaught of claims.
Such a movie might suggest ways to protect the solid from the neutron onslaught.
And don't think that the ocean is off limits to gravity's onslaught.
But since the news broke several weeks ago, it has prompted an onslaught of media attention.
One theory blames oxidative stress, caused by the onslaught of nasty molecules known as free radicals.
The tourism dollars are a boon to the region's economy, but an onslaught of snorkelers and divers has taken a damaging toll.
Let's talk about a few of those to help prepare our listeners for the coming holiday and/or family onslaught.
The onslaught grew so large that it went viral-live.
Neither the traditions, nor the species may persist when challenged with the onslaught of industrial development.
Let the user decide first whether he/she wants the audio onslaught.
Central government will essentially break down in the face of a libertarian technological onslaught.
Any incident generates an onslaught of regulations and witch hunts.
But he could not survive the onslaught of people's rousing wave of discontent and anger per se.
Yams to slow the onslaught of hot flashes during menopause.
But few measures, no matter how financially flush their campaigns, can survive an onslaught of negative advertising.
Perhaps those of you in less trendy parts of the country will be spared this onslaught.
For the moment, though, dealmakers big and small are trying to stand united in the face of an onslaught.
Completing the cycle of the seasons, a leafless maple bears up under the onslaught of winter.
We adapt to the onslaught and continue to proliferate.
He wasn't prepared for the onslaught of traffic that was prompted, naturally enough, by mentions on a host of weblogs.
Other grave problems stem from the onslaught of seawater laden with sediments and toxins.
Thanks to human evolution, our sense of smell quickly adapts to the sudden onslaught.
It requires quite a bit of courage to face this relentless onslaught of intolerance.
With little ventilation in the room, the onslaught is nearly unbearable if you aren't used to it.
Hobbled donkeys cower under a new onslaught of rain, ears back, necks craned.
For the last two years she has had to fight off an onslaught of breakouts.
To keep fully on top of this onslaught is both difficult and foolhardy.
Nothing less than a relentless onslaught of questions from the press is required.
Restaurants and antique shops have also opened in anticipation of a hoped-for onslaught of visitors.
The onslaught of annoying commercials, banners and other junk is coming.
As its name suggests, however, the band delivers its high-volume onslaught with a sense of humor.
On a bad day, it can be nothing more than digital noise, overwhelming us with an onslaught of information.
The onslaught of advertising comes as consumers remain cautious about spending.
The commander of this brigade had fallen in the first onslaught.
But he, too, was unprepared for the onslaught of attention.
Meanwhile, the drug onslaught harms helpful bacteria that normally colonise our bodies.
Most likely the coast will be spared a full onslaught, but if you live there, it's best to be prepared for stormy weather.
They need it, to fight the onslaught of antiscience they are likely to find elsewhere.
Overall, the episode handled the onslaught of unnecessary but inoffensive celebrity cameos quite nicely.
Under this onslaught of niceness, the technician begins to think aloud a bit.
The official holiday driving onslaught now begins at the malls.
At first it seemed as though they had made it safely through the onslaught of flashbulbs and into the lobby.
Amid this onslaught, there is no way a slightly richer ad campaign is going to make much difference.
Confronted with the new onslaught, several factories have simply closed down.
Whatever the merits of this onslaught, it seems to be working.
In the face of this onslaught, the party is beginning to rethink its approach to religion.
Despite the ferocity of the present onslaught, they do not appear to have been dislodged.
Western journalists, once exempt from this onslaught, are no longer safe.
Report initial onslaught of event when poor visibility impacts travel.
The onslaught of holiday cheer may seem too much to bear.
Bird and beast alike have fled the unyielding fury of the storm, for nothing can withstand this powerful onslaught of nature.
Visitors should be prepared for this onslaught by wearing appropriate clothing and/or insect repellant.
Early spring boasts an onslaught of tens of thousands of returning migrants.
As a means of coping with the onslaught, society often sought to define the problem away.
The onslaught of new spending has primarily focused on special-interest spending for domestic government agencies.
The onslaught of new spending was primarily focused on special-interest spending for domestic government agencies.
Sandstone's resistance to physical onslaught depends upon what is holding the grains of the rock together.
But always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us.
The annual onslaught of spring and summer restaurant openings is nearly upon us, but a handful of spots have beat the rush.
You're preparing for the annual holiday onslaught of food.
Once the immediate onslaught of pollution is gone, blood pressure drops back down.
The next step in the media onslaught, of course, is the movie.

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