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Watchdog groups say offset vendors sometimes do not deliver what they promise.
Big gains in those categories more than offset losses in equities and some hedge funds.
Companies that emit greenhouse gases can buy these credits to offset their contributions to global emissions.
While those leaders' gifts may not do much to offset ailing budgets, they have resonated on their respective campuses.
And they say their technologies could be combined with others or used in applications that could offset costs.
Plums and red berries offset by earthy white pepper, leather, and tobacco.
Ideally some sort of progressive benefit cut could be offset with a higher ceiling on tax-free contributions to private accounts.
Foreign investment in light manufacturing and services has offset the decline in steel, once the nation's major industry.
Its gravitational repulsion would offset galaxies' gravitational attraction, thereby deadening their motion.
Offset platforms of pebbled concrete replaced the original straight concrete walkway.
Offset quilting and welded construction eliminate cold spots and a face gasket and draft collar seal in warmth.
With a small offset spatula, spread a thin layer of tinted icing on each ornament.
Umm, the cut back in business spending also offset the federal stimuli.
But cool summer temperatures offset the advantages of summer day length.
The weight of these large muscles was offset by lightweight, eggshell-thin bones filled with air.
He argues that the resulting tourist boom would offset the lower charges.
Computerized tests support the notion that accuracy can offset speed.
The government hopes to offset this decline with a rapid expansion of affordable housing.
Their economic development could offset any environmental gains made in more industrialized nations.
Offset remains dominant-it may be one day be replaced by high-speed xerography-but it has eliminated the film stage.
Offset printing generally reproduces a slightly lighter exposure better than a dark, highly saturated one.
These bottoms feature a brushed-elastic waistband and smooth offset inseams.
Even in richer places the cost can be offset in part if the soggy ground can be put to lucrative use.
The energy savings ultimately offset the cost of the bulb.
Grid-tied systems connect to the existing utility grid and offset the cost of utility bills.
The costs will be offset by advertising and a subscription-based plan for consumers willing to pay for faster access.
Researchers in artificial intelligence today are beginning a race to offset an epidemic of age-related memory loss.
We should be celebrating aging societies, not trying to find ways to offset them with higher birth rates.
It has to price books higher in general, so the successful ones offset the duds.
It's a game the energy companies are playing to offset the money they lose from their customers conserving energy.
So much for scholarships and financial aid to offset our costs.
Its mineral crystal is recessed to dodge blows, and the screw-down crown is offset to four o'clock so it won't dent your wrist.
The federal and state filing fees are more than offset by the deductions it finds and the headaches it saves me.
The rest of the acreage may be purchased by the university or other organizations for other offset programs.
But uniting them was an inability to offset what was bad with anything that was particularly good.
Thus some of the cash which the plan generates will pay for tax cuts that will offset increases in electricity bills.
So, the energy leakage into the smaller-scale continuum is precisely offset by the energy influx from the larger-scale continuum.
Theoretically, some of this disadvantage is offset by a rule requiring companies to announce meaningful events.
He believes that unregulated industrial businesses can help to offset problems at regulated businesses in difficult times.
And the government's vast investment in innovation is more than offset by its failures.
The stark beauty of the ice cliffs was offset by the danger that there were few places to land should a storm develop.
Similarly, the drop in land used to grow coca has been offset by better productivity.
We decided to use a portion of this windfall to offset the airline emissions.
The offset of the clouds and offset of the roof are parallels.
Who's to say that they really do purchase the offset credits.
When making decisions, older adults can capitalize on their emotional strengths to offset their cognitive deficits.
Though it began to decline then, the decline was not sufficient to offset the tremendous increase of the previous years.
He offset two birdies with four bogeys and two doubles.
But those gains were offset by challenges from inaccessible emerging technologies.
He had more experience, knowledge, and confidence but all of that was more than offset by the changes in the economy.
In years when the money spent exceeded the growth in the value of the endowment, a credit would be awarded to offset future taxes.
If you don't happen to be in the pool of internal candidates, there's not much you can do to offset their natural advantages.
And that's doubly true, he adds, if the offending one-star viewpoint is offset by a slew of four- and five-star raves.
Game publishers want a way to offset ever-escalating development costs.
Muse had an interesting stage set that offset a less interesting song.
Spread filling into crust with an offset spatula or back of a spoon.
Use a small offset spatula to spread the cranberry mixture.
Second, a tightening of fiscal policy must be offset by a loosening of monetary policy.
On the left, there are calls for continued spending to offset reduced private investment.
The cap gains and dividends offset is better than nothing.
And it's all offset with a plan to reduce our long-term deficit.
But the decline within government has offset gains in private industries in the past few months.
But what is gained is more than offset by the fact that he never develops any great sense of unity with his company.
With private spending weakening, not slumping, there is no case for a fiscal offset.
Exchange rates constantly flex to offset inflation and keep living standards in perspective.
One out of six households receive benefits that offset both federal income and payroll taxes.
The credit he deserves for crisis management, however, is offset by the blame he must accept for crisis production.
Promoting access to sustainable sources of healthy food helps offset this imbalance.
He spotted the bird, its dainty body dramatically offset by a sharply bifurcated tail, perched on a wire above a cemetery.
They seem to mark a high water mark in typography and offset printing.
Even a modest rate increase could be offset by creative marketing.
Spoon the lemon cream into the crust and use a long metal offset spatula to smooth the top.
They must be identifiable, demonstrable, and genuinely weighty enough to offset the dangers inherent in concentration.
When rates suddenly dropped, not only were those trades wiped out but so were the hedges designed to offset them.
It had an offset saltbox roof and blue clapboard siding and stingy little sash windows that were good for conserving heat.
The reduced size of the battery could help offset the reported short supply of lithium.
But over the past several years, the patent system's high transaction costs have threatened to offset its benefits.
The high power requirements are needed to offset the atmospheric, precipitation, and other propagation losses and effects.
The government can stop subsidizing crops and the higher value of grain exports will help offset the cost of oil imports.
The graph also shows that automotive efficiency gains are offset by increased driving.
Biofuels are a horribly inefficient way to produce energy, and throwing more land into the mix doesn't do enough to offset that.
To offset some of these price increases, the budget includes provisions to use some of the auction revenue for tax relief.
But these advantages are offset by misgovernment, rampant corruption and dismal infrastructure.
These usually offset each other, but when they all started suffering, the models went awry.
All debt and derivative claims are offset in global accounting consolidation, but capital is not.
He offered a single example of spending he might trim, and vowed to offset that with compensation from the private sector.
Electricity too is getting pricier, and these expenses have offset the rise in potato prices.
It expects that the price cuts will be offset before long as word gets out and money rolls in.
Most have diversified businesses so they can offset credit losses with buoyant earnings from investment banking.
The increase in work outside the home was offset by less housework-and less spare time and less sleep.
There are ways to offset the higher costs of deposits.
The wave of corporate capital-raising will bring in underwriting fees that will help offset the slump in mergers and flotations.
The convergence of regulations may offset some opportunities for regulatory arbitrage.
Positive charges cancel negative charges, south poles offset north poles.
The ultimate goal is to win, so the incentive to grab a better player should be offset by the incentive to win games.
Of course he considered circles offset from the sun.
Which goes against the whole argument that it can be offset by lifestyle.
Futures contracts may be settled by delivery, but more often they are settled by offset or cash.
The apartment is a study in opposites where an ornate daybed is offset by the clean lines of geometrically shaped ceramics.
Although labor costs are higher, the plant's efficiency and its proximity to big customers offset that disadvantage.
Here the crab is served ready cracked and the roe adds a crunchy intensity that's offset by a light yet pungent sauce.
The fact that mortgage rates have dropped does not even begin to offset that.
Potential clients would bring their own food to help offset the lightly alcoholic effects of the cider.
Fresh from the field it sports a hot pink suit offset with cream-colored streaks.
Fresh from the field it sports a hot-pink suit offset with cream-colored streaks.

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