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These chemicals can make plants smell good or, alternately, noxious.
She got him to eat his peas, whenever the noxious legume appeared on his plate, by paying him $5.
The noxious gas was the result of the impact.
The invaders meet any foe aggressively, releasing noxious chemicals during battle.
The airtight chamber could insulate occupants from noxious fumes and supply 15 men with food, air and water for 96 hours.
Fingers crossed that I haven't caught whatever noxious mixture of germs was incubating in my car during the journey out.
She must avoid the noxious preening that taints so many memoirs of their authors' misspent youth.
It releases lots of soot and various noxious chemicals as it burns, and so has fallen out of favour in many Western countries.
Business and politics too often overlap, often in a noxious cocktail with local and foreign spooks and crooks.
They surround their crops with rows of chili peppers, whose smell is noxious to elephants.
As alcohol is lighter than water, the leaking barrels would have filled the hold with noxious fumes.
Early amelioration work released noxious smells in the neighborhood, and the evacuation area was widened.
And although reports of serious human injury are rare, there are records of people dying from the creature's noxious sting.
Not even though columns of noxious gas and the nervous tracings of seismographs signal an imminent explosion.
Along with great wealth, for a few, it stimulated political vice and the noxious excretions.
To single out the estate tax as some sort of especially noxious form of double taxation is simply silly.
But after a while, the beetles grew accustomed to the noxious noises, researchers found.
But if you put in something that is noxious to the plume, they will pull down in the tube and die down in there.
Chlorine-bearing compounds present yet another threat to the fragile ozone layer-a noxious brew all around.
Noxious fumes would be introduced to his room causing his eyes and nose to run.
But in reality they were empire builders who were motivated by a noxious mixture of envy and greed.
But there will not, sadly, be any more comprehensive effort to account for the noxious side-effects of oil.
And environmental degradation and noxious pollution are storing up costs for the future.
Emissions of greenhouse gases and other noxious chemicals are a worry.
The expanded production of meat has been facilitated by industrial feedlots, which bleed antibiotics and other noxious chemicals.
Its heating system tended to pump noxious fumes into the cabin.
There are probably many routes to the disorder, involving diverse combinations of genes and noxious environmental influences.
The noxious domestic political atmosphere fostering this near-blackout is obvious to all.
Civil rights organizations are suing or threatening to sue to block these noxious state laws.
It was as if a noxious subtle film had settled all around, making everything vaguely unfamiliar and unpleasant.
We are proposing to make several changes to the regulations governing the importation and interstate movement of noxious weeds.
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