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Working one bird at a time, the researchers played some loud white noise every time the bird sang a particular note.
But the noise in the background was the unmistakable sound of horses being traded.
But the sound of dissent is often mere background noise.
The noise from the release was a scream so loud that it drowned out the emergency steam whistle for five minutes.
There was a crashing noise-the sound of the magnet warming up.
Noise is sound at the wrong time and in the wrong place.
But when the noise is inside your head and continuous or nearly so, it could literally drive you crazy.
Cole later said that people had misinterpreted her admonition, and that the complaints were mostly about general noise.
Wobbles smaller than one metre a second are lost in the noise.
Males produce this species-specific noise with vibrating membranes on their abdomens.
Fish exposed to the noise of speedboats were less efficient at finding, catching and holding on to prey.
The scientists attribute the difference in noise level to the difference in lifestyle.
Heat the pan over medium-high heat until a small dollop of batter dropped in makes a sizzling noise.
When piranhas enter into a confrontation they'll make a barking noise.
They also provide a habitat for urban wildlife, and may even help to muffle street noise.
The result: the higher the noise level, the less the participants tasted salty or sweet flavors.
Scientists have long believed the friction between grains creates the strange noise.
Noise can make food taste more bland, but also increase the perception of its crunchiness.
When the door is opened, the noise spills out along with the smell of fibers mixed with machine oil.
Switching from a power to a reel mower will give a cleaner cut and reduce noise and pollution.
Between the crowds and the noise and the pressure, city life often seems to set one's brain on edge.
It would depend on a lot of variables such as proximity to the presenter and environmental noise.
Mudpuppies, also called waterdogs, are one of only a few salamanders that make noise.
Scientists have designed a new kind of thermometer that uses noise to measure temperature.
Add noise to the list of climate change consequences.
They seemed so relieved to have a break from the noise.
Anyone who is startled by an unexpected noise tends to blink.
Populations are also harmed by chemical and noise pollution.
Distraction appears to be an effective technique to avoid the phantom noise of tinnitus.
It's the surfaces of a forest that drag the wind and make it calm, that take noise out and control rainfall.
Traditionally, there have been two ways to combat road and wind noise.
The police began carrying around decibel metres last summer to enforce new noise ordinances.
The noise was always accompanied by a fine stream of bubbles.
The terrific noise it emitted was an explosion which made it erupt several fragments of volcanic materials.
Errors that creep into those signals as they ricochet around the nervous system are called noise.
The learning curve suggests that the elephant had previously filtered out the seismic environment as noise.
Even certain printers make enough noise to allow for acoustic eavesdropping.
He was without clothes because they were making too much noise.
He likened it to blocking a highway because you object to vehicle noise.
Fortunately, the past year has seen the publication of a series of results that help to disentangle signal and noise.
The mountains concentrate the fumes and noise from all these vehicles.
Silent, they wince at every noise from down the corridor.
The noise on this particular afternoon was new: a clomping and a hollering.
Noise cancellation works because of a slick little acoustic trick.
The researchers monitored noise levels and hand gestures.
Ask students if they have ever heard frogs make noise late at night.
Your mobile messes with your head by funneling both the caller's voice and the room noise into one ear.
She recorded various dog sounds on a special machine that also graphs noise.
As the ground was there, then the apple stopped its flight with a plopping noise.
Then there was the quieter noise from distant thunderstorms.
Noise reduction steps make everyone a good neighbor.
We live in a noisy culture, much of it superficial but some of it serious noise.
Your choice might also depend on whether you need to work on trains and your tolerance for noise.
The noise appears to confuse bats, making it harder for the bats to find and eat the moths.
Another test asked participants to work out the direction of specific sounds embedded within stereo white noise.
But with ever increasing noise restrictions around airports, quieting airliners will continue to be a priority for new designs.
Most of that energy is wasted, ending up as heat and noise.
But there's always an imaginative oddball game lost within the white noise.
Mobile phone networks rely on the algorithm to eliminate noise.
Unfortunately his noble intentions risk being drowned out by much background noise.
Suddenly they heard a strange noise similar to a dog's bark.
Offered working process occurs without noise and gas emission.
Helicopter noise is a major factor affecting operations around the world.
These different frequencies, volumes and sounds give the males of each hummingbird species their own signature noise.
Suddenly, the device started to emit an accelerating beeping noise.
The noise level will remain manageable as long as speakers can be heard over the background noise.
Some people think wind turbines are ugly and complain about the noise the machines make.
Your failure to provide a complete medical history makes your post meaningless noise.
The relative quiet can really be felt with this headset, as it blocks out the noise you might be hearing over the movie.
Another test asked participants to work out the direction of specific sounds embedded within white noise.
New housing and business developments, locals complain, have led to an increase in light and noise pollution.
Even then, only particular models that meet noise and emissions standards have been acceptable.
The startling noise caused the panicked gum-chewer's face to glow on the thermal-imaging camera as blood rushed to her face.
But the joyful noise was nothing to do with politics.
The battery-operated device sends out a pinging noise that scares the dolphins off.
The brain signals at that stage are quite complex, set against noise that is difficult to dampen.
In our imagination, snow leopards belong to a realm beyond the dust and noise of human affairs.
On the other hand, the signal to noise ratio in daily mail deliveries is getting entirely out of hand.
Probably because it's the freq they can produce and hear best over all the noise of an ocean full of industry.
There's plenty of noise in the room, and the buzz is good.
They live in trees around the house and make a big noise if strangers come around.
Collins had the outside-the-box idea that electrical noise could make mechanical signals easier for people to sense.
Some people are saying that there's a lot of noise and a lot of them are going to fail.
Noise differs from other environmental pollutants in that it is both invisible and temporary: it leaves no bathtub ring.
Conjecture is inevitable: big shot may have been based on big gun, with a little help from the once popular big noise.
And it's easy to mistake more voices for more noise.
The scanner always makes a noise, but it is not always taking an x-ray.
Seven houses down in the opposite direction another neighbor heard the noise and walked outside in her bathrobe to look around.
But even with all that noise, their unemployment rate is clearly worse than that of the other groups.
Inwardly she begged the nun to turn and stop the noise.
In any conflict, the president's voice can rise above the noise.
There's a bit too much wind noise, especially on the driver's side, at highway speed and on windy days.
It's a hornet's nest up in the attic whose noise can be safely ignored.
He was willing to go beyond the call of duty to find a way to make a new noise and then to repeat it endlessly.
Muffle any peripheral truck noise, as needed, with the blankets.
Their audiences are solid enough that only a decade of white-noise albums might drive them away.
Second to a temporary wall, noise-cancelling headphones are the best sanity saver.
He turned his face toward me slowly, as if he'd heard a noise in the distance, and he stared at me with those eyes.
The radiators clanked and the walls murmured as if giving back some of the human noise they absorbed, day and night.
Beats tend to drag, and synthesizers wander around the vocals, which are sometimes mixed beneath a sprawl of noise.
In other words, he makes a distinctive noise in the world.
Two hundred cell phones going off makes an awful noise, a scary noise: the noise of emergency.
Next you expose it to a burst of white noise, which predictably makes it jump.
Then you accompany the white noise with the light flash, and now the rat jumps higher than it does when it hears the noise alone.
The astronomers didn't know whether they'd found the home swarm of the short- period comets or merely noise.
The noise machine only wins if they can outshout reality, so it's important to keep writing about it.
But, despite the noise along the way, these conversations really to help make progress.
One of his favorite metaphors for interactionism concerns a car making a screeching noise.
Then, to get star treatment, the caterpillars make a rhythmic noise that resembles the call of the ant queen.
The storm is blasting out tons of radio noise, a sure sign that lightning must be dancing prodigiously beneath those clouds.
Freeway plans get scrapped because of high noise levels.
Sane people do not spend trillions of dollars on problems that are lost in the statistical noise.
They cleaned out the pigeon droppings because they had no clue where the noise was coming from, so they had to check.
In other cases, there appear to be trends lurking under the noise.
Wind turbines are not silent and make quite a bit of noise when running.
Diesel engines work by compression ignition, which is the source of the noise you hear when a diesel powered vehicle rolls by.
World wars isnt nations vs nations, its against humanity, a silent war without the noise and blood.
But these approaches have a much higher signal-to-noise ratio.
Apart from that, the variability appears to be random noise.
There are no known maintenance and owner-operator activities that need noise considerations.
Some types of bothersome or irritating noise are illegal, and you can take steps to get the noisemaker to quiet down.
Animals rely on meaningful sounds for communication, navigation, avoiding danger and finding food against a background of noise.
Construction noise must be considered as part of the development of any transportation facility.

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