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Example sentences for nimbleness

The job is not for everyone and requires a certain nimbleness.
Second, the ideal environment for cultivating the unknown is to nurture the supreme agility and nimbleness of networks.
And with almost breathtaking nimbleness, he's managed to avoid lawsuits and the long arm of the law.
It has the nimbleness of a greyhound, but not the bulk and body of a mastiff.
But the truth about oratory is that you need talent, and wit, and nimbleness.
The bank has a reputation for nimbleness, innovation and customer service.
In an industry that thrives on innovation, you might think that youthful energy and nimbleness were decisive advantages.
Its success stems from its nimbleness and ability to mutate.
Moreover, the oil industry's future may turn on two things where nimbleness may count for more than size.
It has shown some nimbleness by rethinking the way it lends in order to meet the needs of large emerging economies better.
But the government's relative nimbleness on the economy has not been matched on other fronts.
Once nimbleness and throwing accuracy were all that was required.
Plenty roomy, drives with the nimbleness of a smaller truck.
Making effective decisions requires a thoughtful balance between stability and nimbleness.
She also said that she does not know whether those advantages outweigh the nimbleness of changing them.
T his required flexibility and nimbleness on the part of all.
Certainly resources playa key role but so does having nimbleness and flexibility.
The preceding sections have described the commercial benefits of nimbleness in the transportation system.
Making progress requires insight into dynamic user needs and nimbleness to respond quickly to user criticism.
It requires nimbleness, flexibility and risk taking on the part of business.
Nimbleness to respond to changing needs and opportunities.
Although she carried a handsomely carved wooden walking stick, her nimbleness belied need of it.
His nimbleness was such that he even made many satisfactory port traits from description.
Indeed, nimbleness is the perfection of this faculty, but levity the the bane of it.

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Painting seems to be to the eye what dancing is to the limbs. When that has educated the frame to self-possession, to more
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