neuter in a sentence

Example sentences for neuter

Trap, neuter, release has not been proved to reduce the number of feral cats.
The same verb is frequently used indiscriminately either in the active or transitive, or in the neuter or intransitive sense.
Experts attribute the decline in large part to aggressive spay and neuter programs initiated by shelters and humane societies.
They don't neuter or spay and they end up with litters and litters of puppies that no one wants.
He can spay or neuter any of his own dogs as he wishes.
The party rode to power vowing to neuter the power of the bureaucracy.
The problem is that households will neuter monetary policy by working to pay down their unmanageable debts.

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Man is never without woman, the neuter sex Casting up her equations, looks to her lord for loving kindness ... more
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