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Example sentences for neurologist

But then a neurologist recommended animal acupuncture.
Famed neurologist riffs about music and how the brain experiences it.
He didn't receive an autism diagnosis from a neurologist until he was five.
Obviously bees have emotions there is no need to become neurologist.
While not being a neurologist, or anywhere near, my thoughts on the subject.
And because of that the neurologist in me knew he could never make the grade as a major league baseball player.
Next he needs to jog, do agility work and non-contact drills, and then meet with a neurologist to confirm he's symptom-free.
Finally, a neurologist discovered water on the brain and implanted a shunt.
Your primary care physician, a neurologist, or a pain specialist may be involved in your care.
The self-diagnosis was confirmed by a neurologist the next day.
The doctor may prescribe a neck collar or, if there is nerve damage, refer you to a neurologist or neurosurgeon for consultation.

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Particularly in the early years of the child's development, parents may get different opinions from professionals who vi... more
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