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It was located high on the mountain, where simple piles of dirt had been arranged in neat rows.
Objects in his bedroom must be arranged in neat, parallel lines, toiletries and desk items perfectly aligned.
It had concrete floors and was arranged in neat rows in flat spots at the bases of the mountains.
The hospital, a neat white building along a lane of avocado trees, is buried deep within.
The thin, the focused and the neat are freaks-but they are cut out for success.
Ostrich meat that is cut into neat slices or re-formed into steaks called medallions or mignons cooks quite evenly.
But it's neat as a model for students trying to understand how all the critical approaches interrelate around a particular work.
The holographic division consequently gives us a rather neat way of writing down the following symmetry balance equation.
Traditionally, dinosaur diets seemed to break down along neat evolutionary lines.
Remove faded bloom stalks and oldest stems to keep it neat.
Read on to find out how, with some street scavenging and five minutes of easy work you can have a neat and tidy workspace.
In terms of scientific inquiry, the separation of proof from disproof is not so neat and clean.
Quantum computers provide a neat shortcut to solving such problems.
Here is a neat blog about high-end expensive stuff for rich people only.
Neat animals nonetheless, certainly a fascinating departure from the giant herbivores.
But the earbuds that the company makes are actually pretty neat.
Secondary buy-outs are a neat solution to two of the industry's big headaches.
The neat thing about algae production is you don't need a farm or even acres of land.
It is neat to see the old photos of soldiers marching in the downtown area.
In the kitchen, citrus walls and white cabinetry add a nostalgic feel to neat groupings of colorful useful items.
Every element of this seemingly neat arrangement, however, is uncertain.
And here's a neat twist: the researchers had movie goers eat both fresh and stale popcorn using their non-dominant hand.
It's neat to see there's veracity to the rail-splitting legend.
It's a neat trick, but using the buttons is faster and easier.
It all looks neat and simple-and extremely plausible.
It must be so neat to live in a place where you feel the ability to make up your own facts.
So many neat ideas, it really can get your mind ticking.
It's neat as a pin and loaded with things that should probably be in your garden.
Loyalty programs for music fans is a neat idea, and we're surprised we're not hearing about more bands doing similar stuff.
It is beautiful country and the farms are so neat and well kept you can't believe it.
Out slide two neat rows of chipmunks, impeccably preserved.
The white meat comes out in two neat pieces once you have a little practice.
Physical playing cards are neat because they're portable and you can play practically anywhere.
Rangy growth needs pruning to keep it neat and within bounds add to my plant list.
What's neat about this toy is that it's using actual physics, instead of the slightly tweaked physics of the app.
Applying a fresh top-dressing is an easy way to give the garden a neat appearance without a complete makeover.
There are no edible cup mushrooms that they know of, but they sure look neat.
They thought it was neat and started bugging me for more grammar questions.
The dino species also has two neat rows of seven holes along its snout.
Most of the works were more notable for their neat construction than for their flights of fancy.
There are some neat shops and a couple of really good restaurants in a downtown that they are trying to restore.
For less grand hostelries, it is a neat way to fill a formerly dead zone in midafternoon.
Then the city built thousands of neat little green cottages.
Have to miss a lot of neat conferences though, oh well.
Being put together, clean, and neat is a lot more important than how much your clothes cost.
But any look at a seismic map shows that faults don't follow neat and orderly lines across the landscape.
He had glossy brochures depicting neat two-family houses.
One neat thing about that place is that you meet interesting people.
Metals are composed of crystals that have their atoms lined up in neat rows.
Its guides are true, its lodges neat and tidy, and its outdoor haunts bursting with legend.
Here's a neat twist on the glut of beautiful-but-impossible-to-read watches filling online stores these days.
They are hanging by the hundreds in neat rows high above him.
The smudge-proof stainless steel body is great for neat freaks and those of us concerned about leaving our prints around.
It's neat because the story is told in each month of the year so that means that there are twelve chapters.
What we're interested in is the neat gadgets packed inside.
But larger sensors allow another neat trick that serious picture-takers appreciate.
Really neat concept as they collect and repurpose hair and recycle aluminum foils and colour tubes.
The pen even has a few neat physical design features.
In practice, they are a politically neat method of protecting a particular industry.
My neck loop allows me to enjoy all the neat stuff in mp3 and iPod format.
Religion is too diverse to fit tightly into a neat package.
The firm is still working at bundling a selection of them into a neat package that is easily accessible from its handsets.
It'd be neat to see such chaos unfold in zero gravity.
Ugliness and vaporware status aside, these seem pretty neat.
Textbook science is generally neat, crisp and well-ordered.
One of the neat things about this project is that it involved the efforts of undergraduate researchers.
Almost every turn in the road is marked with a neat sign and labeled on the map.
Her handwriting in the letters reflects her upbringing: steady, straight, legible and neat.
The school teacher was thirty years old and had a neat trim-looking figure.
And be in a neat room as the committee will be able to see some of your surroundings.
He wore a neat gray suit, a red tie, and full makeup.
The result would be not only purty pictures but some pretty neat science, hopefully.
The lining in the hood is a neat feature which keeps your ears warm.
With a simple headband recording system, the device represents a neat feat of engineering.
That's a neat piece of work which should be relatively straightforward to test in a real battery.
The drug detection business completes a neat circle.
The first time this happens, the effect is rather neat.
Still, as she deftly fashions her hair into a neat coil, she remembers how her husband would always compare it to monsoon clouds.
Popular protest isn't about a neat, discrete set of demands, even when it pretends to be.
At the north end of town stands a cluster of neat concrete villas, painted ocher or white.
They broke the information down into neat bar graphs-type of crime, four-week comparison, shifting hot spots.
Their structures certainly didn't look as elegant as the neat frames designed by the engineers.
Stacked in a neat pile next to the typewriter were eight completed pages.
Contractors have already installed neat rows of cubicles into vacant parts of an adjacent military building.
Most of the new trees were of the same kind, tall and densely planted in neat rows.
We sat there in the neat squalor and there was nothing to do and nothing to say and she did not wish to eat.
While it's a story that ties everything up in one neat package, however, it's strongly at odds with the evidence.
The projector ships with a tripod in a neat little bag that's about the size of a make-up pouch.
After a good haircut, many will form neat clumps of basal foliage, while others will remain dormant.
Maybe the actual publication is still neat and sharp.
Nature reports that some scientists have seen it, too, and they say it could be more than a neat trick.
Outside his neat brick house, a rain gauge rises at the edge of a sloping driveway.
Huh, it is neat to see some evidence backing up ginger for nausea.
Each page within was covered in their father's neat, extraordinarily tiny handwriting-the cursive equivalent of three-point type.
Narrow, winding streets were rearranged into the neat geometry of spacious public squares and broad boulevards.
Out of his apron he wore a suit and a flat cap, always neat.
If there is a neat dividing line, it is the line between the democracies and the autocracies.
As said before, it is a complicated story that defies neat conclusions.
It's a pretty neat little operation, when it comes down to it.
Furthermore, policymakers' neat division of the topic of climate change into mitigation, impact and adaptation is too simplistic.
Ok, for people who want to live and work in neat little clusters, give it to them.
Nonetheless, the rooms are air-conditioned, neat and comfortable.
Now and then, a well-tended dairy farm with neat fencing and fire-breaks comes into view.
It's a neat little story, but there is remarkably little substance to it.

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