mummification in a sentence

Example sentences for mummification

Archaeologists examine the mummification process and reveal the methods used to preserve the bodies.
It's about time this guy unveils a revolutionary method of mummification.
Because mummification was unintentional, the mummies represent a broad social spectrum of the community.
The break, though, could also be explained by a fall or a mishap during mummification.
During the time of the pyramid builders, mummification was rare and still in experimental stages.
It was an extremely fortuitous find, because the odds of mummification are slim, researchers noted.
Mummification was used to preserve the body so that the deceased's eternal soul would be able to reanimate it in the afterlife.
Even more remarkable, his mummification was a total fluke.
For example, they may want to talk about a relative who died, including details about the mummification and burial processes.
Most mummies have their organs removed or dissolved inside their bodies prior to mummification.
Burning, singeing and mummification were caused by the heat of the blast cloud.
Provides a firsthand report of the excavation and a history of mummification.
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