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They had run an experiment to record electrical activity from neurons specialized for hand movement in two pigtail macaques.
Physical movement begins as electrical impulses generated by the activity of thousands of nerve cells.
Laughter and cheers cause a buzz of activity in brain regions that control facial movement.
But in almost every other respect, mainstream news media outlets have been put right in the middle by the movement.
If the movement is gaining support, my guess is that the blog should grow.
How the eyes can see movement where it does not exist.
Wispy and tall, the plant's fronds sway in the wind, adding movement to the garden.
The wiggle trace measures the vertical movement the seismometer experiences from the seismic waves.
Uncoordinated movement is a muscle control problem or an inability to finely coordinate movements.
In fact, responsible and ethical fiscal management is a key area of the accountability movement within higher education.
When making long exposures, use a remote release to avoid camera movement.
Showing the movement of the final landslide and the directions of the generated wave.
Our society is set up to make it almost impossible to have people make healthy movement choices.
It's been fun watching the heirloom edible movement regain momentum.
And my guess is the last time there was two weeks of nonstop civil disobedience may have been back in the civil rights movement.
Uncontrolled or slow movement is a problem with muscle tone, usually in large muscle groups.
Animal migration is a phenomenon far grander and more patterned than animal movement.
For some, visual movement triggers a perception of sound.
The story behind it is central to the epic struggle of the civil rights movement.
The design encourages movement between the kitchen, the living area, and the deck.
Scientists have introduced such random movement into high-performance aircraft to increase stability.
His use of iron was innovative, uniting a strong sense of movement and energy with heightened detail within a piece.
Down in a bog below a dirt road, there's some movement.
There's the slow food movement, and now there's the slow social network movement.
Yet that casual dismissal is profoundly unfair of the movement as a whole.
Pressing the button would halt all movement on all tracks.
The movement of this celebration was part of a larger group of emancipation days across the south.
Historians regard this as the public launch of the modern environmental movement.
Movement along a fault is often so gradual that only sensitive scientific instruments can detect it.
But as the abolitionist movement grew, no one wanted to remember that.
The company has filed for an interesting patent for a headset that will be powered through movement of the head.
The movement of people, goods, or ideas from one place to another is a part of a process known as diffusion.
In the meantime, the quest to develop implanted neural prostheses is revealing details of how the brain orchestrates movement.
The instrument maps water movement and measures the river's depth.
The two co-founders of the open-source movement have it out in a public spat on developer mailing lists.
The cross-border movement could bring dramatic and positive change to the region.
Indeed this is a modern version of the enclosure movement.
Berry has criticized the environmental movement for separating wilderness from farmland in its conservation campaigns.
There are some signs of a reactionary movement in the art of fiction.
The diversity movement has always been rife with contradictions.
Dance and film rely on movement for much of their effect.
It then determines what the monkey is trying to do and translates it into movement of the mechanical arm.
Astronomers have tracked the movement of a pulsar, making the first direct measurement of its impressive speed.
Killing a charismatic leader sometimes halts the momentum of a movement.
The plant's white hairs, by reflecting heat and reducing air movement across the leaf's surface, conserve water.
The movement occurs as the body vaults over each foot.
We also see the renascence movement and general national activities increasing its vocabulary to an enormous extent.
Party feeling and royal politics made the course of the movement sometimes slower, sometimes tumultuous.
Progressive stanza structure characterizes every movement.
Triggered by heat and movement, these simplified all-weather cameras take multiple images to capture backyard wildlife action.
Ask the two students on the map to say the name of their physical feature and perform its physical movement.
If any of the existing parties adopts its proposals, the movement will have achieved its aims, say the co-founders.
From small beginnings, the movement has picked up steam in the past five years.
Small as it is, the church has declared itself a part of a new movement.
The movement seems to be growing daily, despite the torrid summer heat.
Yet a new figurehead is sorely needed: the evangelical movement is in a time of rapid change.
But the culture of accountability in academe involves much more than that, and has taken on the form of a movement.
But his article also stacked up the challenges and mixed incentives that the controversial free-knowledge movement must surmount.
But the movement-driven by the recognition that people were spending more time on mobile devices-went in fits and starts.
In more than a couple of cases, they were power-hungry extremists jostling for control of the student-protest movement.
If that's the case, some say, what is happening now among adjuncts could be the beginning of a movement.
The environmental movement has never been short on noble goals.
On display are artifacts that represent the cultural, political and social origins of the cultural movement.
These disasters forced the world to face the dangers of air pollution and inspired an ongoing movement for cleaner air.
During the quietest part of the second movement, a crow cawed in primal accompaniment.
Player injuries and wagers are among the top influences on line movement.
Our talent for unconscious entrainment lies at the core of dance, a confluence of movement, rhythm and gestural representation.
Hawkings computer allowed him to select letters and words but it was activated by his physical movement.
When hyped up it overstimulates downstream neurons, triggering a strong inhibitory response that results in disrupted movement.
The eco-movement lost its way long ago and is no longer the friend of society.
As a result, its arms possess virtually limitless freedom of movement.
After one becomes accustomed to the mechanism, one does not need to look at the hand but only at the resultant movement on screen.
Something that has really gotten to me in the last few years is the rise and rise in volume of the anti-vaccination movement.
Support for the movement has dropped dramatically, according to new data.
The do-it-yourself movement revives learning by doing.
As many people have written in to point out, the sign of a modern protest movement is the omnipresence of cameras.
The low-tech vibe, partly born out of a structural necessity, has come to be symbolic of the movement itself.
The movement can't support him without compromising itself.
But it's also bad news for the rest of the electric car movement.
The group's goal is to broaden the appeal of the environmental movement and, at the same time, bring jobs to poor neighborhoods.
It has twenty-two villages and, for the past dozen years or so, it's been the site of an unlikely social movement.
Prose speeds the eye onwards, while poems resist-and purposely impede- that forward movement.
No less revealing is the graph for flexibility, or change of tempo within a movement.
The simplest way to characterize the movement is people playing a lot of notes all at once.
In every industrialized nation, the movement to reform health care has begun with stories about cruelty.
The direction of the movement paused, sat silent for a moment, and reversed.
Though he may not have a story on the surface, he always has one underneath, in the form of movement motifs.
The teacher made me sit on the left hand, didn't stop the movement though.
In addition, there may be a second color system, one sensitive to both shape and color but not concerned with movement.
Then he inserted it into a rat's skull, right over the motor cortex that controls movement.
We've a whole new movement set up on that premise, but little in the way to show it actually is happening.
The modules can rearrange themselves into countless different shapes and create dramatically different patterns of movement.
The neural arch puts limits on the range of a spine's movement with pairs of interlocking tabs known as zygapophyses.
They'll hint or do some type of movement that will tell you if you have it or not.
These days a growing do-it-yourself movement seeks solutions in garages and community labs.
When exposed to bitter cold, your body shivers, and this involuntary movement creates heat the same way exercise does.
Liquid sodium is an ideal coolant in that, unlike water, it does not impede the movement of fast neutrons.
The noise not only followed the movement but grew louder.
Railroads had begun to knit the interior of the nation into an iron tracery of ceaseless, smoke-belching movement.
Any movement, however slight, required forethought and planning.
Changing the emphasis slightly, he asks my opinion of the referendum movement.
My legs twitched involuntarily, the movement an outward manifestation of an impulse to flee.
At the same time, the modern movement was taking hold in the city.
The talk was about the movement of weapons across a river.
It has also relieved the movement of having to materially support the occupation, which had become a draining responsibility.
Nor would it have occurred to anyone that a sensation or illusion of movement could be conveyed by still pictures.
He suggests that unions should join the reform movement even if they disagree with it, because it is so powerful.
The sentences are beautiful in structure, movement and cadence.
The open-source movement is the largest threat the software giant has ever faced.
The growing popularity of the movement is intimately intertwined with the social-networking boom.
Those muscle contractions were used to control movement of a motorized elbow, wrist, and hand.
The direction of the movement also changed during these periods.
But the exact pattern of movement that translates into a perfect shot can vary among players.
Imagine you have a real-time situation of movement of traffic in the city.
One common procedure fuses compressed vertebrae, limiting the movement that pinches surrounding nerves and causes discomfort.
Before arm push the shot putter has rotational movement and leg push.
They then linked this pattern to an upward movement of a computer cursor.
The system significantly reduced vibrations, saved energy, and allowed rotor movement to be more precisely controlled.
Most e-paper has abysmally low refresh rates, far too slow to trace the movement of a stylus on a tablet.
It was a movement of children and adults, preachers and lawyers, sharecroppers and presidents.

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