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Its lingua franca was parody, but playful mockery was never its aim.
The actual evidence makes a mockery of your gullibility.
Not only did it make a mockery of free-software principles, but it threatened the community's common-defense strategy.
My guess, not having yet seen it, is that it remains mockery.
It makes a mockery of tax collection, and so undermines good government.
Those who dish out propaganda deserve to dine on mockery.
Fear of the big began to mix with mockery of the small.
The videotaped revelations make a mockery of the claim.
The mockery you take is equal to the mockery you make.
If irony has taught us anything, it's that nothing exists in a vacuum safe from mockery.
In its present form it serves only to make a mockery of the cause.
His use of high-flown economic jargon in television interviews made him a subject of mockery.
It would also make a mockery of the government's environmental pretensions.
It is a mockery of the notion of universal human rights.
To anyone trying to make a living from decent work this is plain mockery.
The article makes a mockery out of the graphical example.
With all of these examples, the correct response is mockery.
It's horrible that in place of what you should have had, you got mockery and cruelty.
Testaments of faith have become so common that they have spawned a kind of counter-scriptural mockery.
His final act was to make a spectacle and mockery of himself.
In the past movies have portrayed people who stutter in such a negative way, inviting mockery and ridicule.
It stands afoul of this magazine's proud traditions and is a mockery of whatever service it purposed to give.
Unless you are being kind, do not be cute or ironic or use mockery when writing comments on a student's paper.
It's all part of the cultural demand that fat people have to be jolly about being the object of mockery.
Clearly these verbal manifestations may well be seen as a mockery of current art criticism.
When mockery dissolves into piety, the viewer's mind wanders, or heads for the door.
If there's any part of the political process that's especially deserving of mockery, it's televised campaign commercials.
But sometimes an earnest question can present the perfect opportunity for mockery, especially of your opponents.
Lying and mockery were all around him, and he adjusted himself to the things that were.
The irony of the moment prompted audience mockery that set the tone for the rest of the interview.
They'll draw curious, often appalled stares from strangers and mockery from your family.
It is not good or safe to point the mockery behind the grand seignior's back.
There smiled on time and chance a mockery and a wonder.
There is never any doubt of his earnestness, whatever may be the mockery on the surface.
In his extempore retorts and rejoinders, he allowed himself the use of jest and mockery.
The novel minces, and minces words, and makes itself a mockery.
We were there with some amount of irony-or mockery: observing a relic.
Anyone who differed with her was subject to her wrath, mockery, or vituperation.
The bathos is all mockery, however, and the more epic the track becomes the better the jokes get.
It's a little higher and faster, but with odd, devastating pauses and saturnine shades of mockery.
But when the economy wasn't good, they were a bit flustered and they wouldn't allow for this kind of mockery.
Pirate life seemed a medley of indulgence and strict equity, mockery and idealism, anarchy and discipline.
His remarks prompted groans of dismayed mockery in the press.
On their side they have their money and their strident molls and they accept mockery and hatred as their share.
The city embraced it and the gentle self mockery at its heart kept it funny and fresh for a good couple of seasons.
Such turf wars make a mockery of companies' efforts to present a single face to the customer.
Any actor who doesn't want to reek of despair should avoid such self-mockery at all costs.
It quickly makes a mockery of our efforts to take good choices now.
Even his occasional self-mockery is a form of preening.
It also makes a mockery of the global consensus on halting and reversing the spread of nuclear weapons.
To do anything less is to make a mockery of our world trade system.
The films are a fertile ground for station editorials and self-mockery alike.
These nuisance lawsuits make a mockery of our legal system.
Such efforts fly in the face of compelling new scientific evidence that makes a mockery of these lawsuits.

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