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He did not cause any damage and he is no longer capable of doing mischief to the state government.
Camera-equipped cell phones spread new brands of mischief.
Anderson pleaded no contest to a charge of criminal mischief in the fourth degree.
This farce of romantic mischief is delightfully sung by the fine Italian company.
Scoundrels were bound to find the weaknesses and exploit them for mischief or, worse, for criminal gain.
The smaller country's internal divisions seem an invitation to mischief.
For more mischief has probably been wrought in the world by honest fools in high places than by intelligent rascals.
His directorial debut comes packed with the usual existential despair, absurdist humor, and intellectual mischief.
His intellectual mischief-making may have been tasteless, but it was not rancorous; there was a playful, good-humoured streak.
After all, insiders committed to mischief can take routes around these systems.
So Cervantes is up to a bit of mischief with these allusions.
Live organism can breed and mutate for eternity, so can cause more mischief than conventional technology.
We also cannot discount the possibility of lab accidents or mischief by researchers.
Geoduck fishing is heavily regulated, with harvests strictly limited-a perfect recipe for mischief.
They're talking about mischief around the world and policing the world.
The mere claim was proof that he was up to mischief of some sort.
The point was to cause mischief, not to gather treats.
OF course, newly explicit images can also be used to make mischief.
But their tendency to make mischief when misapplied along with other measures is great.
And this power idea carries with it much more mischief than the threat of sudden war and the attendant necessities of armament.
Then,-one mischief at a time,-this riotous time-destroying crew disappear.
The only crime was workers coming back from three months away being vengeful with their wives for some mischief.
Spotted hyenas are sometimes portrayed as cowardly scavengers, always laughing, always up to some kind of mischief.
More light means more opportunity for the mischievous to engage in mischief.
Even if it has these indirect pay-offs, foreign capital can also make mischief in countries that are not ready for it.
Sometimes mischief-makers can go a step further, creating new contents from scratch.
As mischief has become easier, the hacker crowd has burgeoned and mutated.
The other parties were willing to indulge some of this mischief in the interests of the broader peace.
Or he may be simply unable to control factions within the regime, allowing the army to create mischief of its own.
More laws, more opportunity for special interest mischief.
Keep it simple and plain and you mitigate the temptation for mischief.
In that model, the regulatory process is likely to provide lots of space for arbitrary mischief and any trust would be misplaced.
He is a rank, rampant rebel, doing much mischief by word and deed.
The first half is strictly standard, filled with human intrigue and mischief.
He is deeply, unpretentiously polite, with an air of mischief.
As he paid off old clients with money from new ones, the press scented criminal mischief afoot.
If the aura was a myth, it was a useful myth: it served as a means of persuasion and a deterrent to mischief.
And gas, as it happens, is a resource that seems virtually designed for geopolitical mischief.
He prepares evil for himself who plots mischief for others.
Mischief lurks in the beginning, a good beginning is half the task.
The muster at night-time of witches and demons to concoct mischief.
Much petty mischief was done and some evidently for the mischief's sake.
To be silent hurts no one, to be talkative does the mischief.
So that the mischief they intended to us, came upon their own pate.
Bands of mischief-makers roamed city streets and country roads blowing horns and vandalizing both residences and businesses.
Some of the youthful callers seem at first to be vulgar pranksters, out to make mischief with inane jokes and naughty language.
No question, the husbanding contract provides the potential for mischief.
For some, computer mischief is an educational exercise, a way to hone their computer skills.
Reared on rice porridge, he and his four brothers were strikingly plump, known as much for their girth as their mischief making.

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