misappropriation in a sentence

Example sentences for misappropriation

Echoing a theme of beneficiaries, the misappropriation and theft of food has resulted in a loss of food relief.
They soon determined there was no reason to suspect misappropriation or fraud.
The report alleged widespread misappropriation of aid and the use of forced labour by the army in the delta.
It included the misappropriation of technologies necessary to produce such products as antibiotics, amino acids, and vitamins.
However, these measures may not be adequate to prevent or deter infringement or other misappropriation.
At the core of these problems is bribery of public officials, and officials' extortion and misappropriation of funds.
In the course of his job, he discovered instances of bribery and corruption, including misappropriation of weapons.
If he's serious about the misappropriation of funds for education, he should certainly include her as a culprit.
When ownership and misappropriation disputes arise, the precise nature of trade secrets takes center stage.
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