midwife in a sentence

Example sentences for midwife

They hadn't made the change, but they had helped to midwife the birth.
She's not a doctor, not a lactation expert, not a midwife not a scientist in any way shape or form.
The gentle hand of her midwife, trusting in the innate wisdom of birth.
So she prevailed on her midwife to induce labor while she still had insurance coverage.
The biggest indicator of success in this category is whether a qualified nurse, doctor or midwife is present during a birth.

Famous quotes containing the word midwife

...the Hebrew women are not like the Egyptian women; for they are vigorous and give birth before the midwifemore
When we sent our first child off to school I experienced a jarring moment, an epiphany. I had been teaching young childr... more
There saw I how the secret felon wrought, And treason labouring in the traitor's thought, And midwife Time ... more
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