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And there were a number of astronauts' memoirs that mention this and how these flash-frozen droplets illuminated.
The nearest seemed to be various college memoirs and a few student exposes.
All that fuss about hoked-up memoirs and not a word about the put-ons of personal essayists-it doesn't make sense.
Memoirs written decades after the events in question are often self-serving.
The publishers told my agent that medical memoirs, as they were categorizing my book, did not sell well.
And if you haven't started keeping notes for your memoirs, get on that right away.
My guilty pleasure this last year was memoirs, especially by academics.
And memoirs of eyewitnesses stated the dictator was vomiting, losing blood, and uninterested in food near the end.
Memoirs and diaries were written in part to burnish reputations, and preserve for posterity one's recollections.
She spent many pages in her memoirs trashing campaign staffers.
It is hardly news that memoirs are a booming genre in books.
Gangsters' memoirs have become a popular publishing genre.
And there are oceans of memoirs and poetry books, often printed in runs of one.
Can't get no satisfaction: why rock memoirs consistently disappoint.
For publishers, taking on memoirs about harrowing personal experiences is not without its risks.
They know the lies that permeate the thick, self-important memoirs by amoral statesmen who make wars but do not know war.
Nowadays the best memoirs come from unfamous people who tell wonderful stories.
As publishing struggles, the memoirs of stand-up comedians are flying off the shelves.
She was notoriously private, and publishing insiders were dubious that she would ever write her memoirs.
It set a standard for what a memoir could be, and was followed by a tsunami of dysfunctional family memoirs.
Neglect and nuttiness are standard fare for family memoirs.

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