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In addition to integrity tests, the subjects underwent standard psychological evaluations to measure their creativity.
Measure the concentrate exactly, using standard measuring cups and spoons.
The standard rain gauge can measure up to two inches of rain.
It offers neighbors the entertainment of mayor watching, and the police stationed there provide an added measure of security.
How a barometer measures air pressure.
It is a statistical attribute of a specific performance measure.
So measure the height and width of the four walls (include the door) and the length and width of the ceiling.
I'll say it again for good measure.
Even if you achieve a measure of sartorial class on a bike, heaven help you if you clack your cycling shoes into the office.
The measure is likely to be challenged in court.
But opponents of the measure say voters know very little about how the lottery money would be spent.
Weigh the tomatoes, then measure the sugar and spices.
Scientists generally use hectopascals to measure air pressure.
Government officials say it's driven by better scientific methods used to measure precise flood hazards.
Scientists have designed a new kind of thermometer that uses noise to measure temperature.
Typically forensic scientists measure remains with sliding rulers called calipers.
The finding has sparked a heated debate about how best to measure humanity's impact on the ocean.
Intelligence is a complex and historically controversial topic, in large part because it is difficult to define and to measure.
Kilowatts measure power, kilowatt-hours measure energy.
Measure for equal diagonal dimensions to verify that the structure will be square.
Measure garlic, paprika, and salt into a small bowl.
It took about an hour to measure the wax and oils, melt everything together, and pour the wax.
For even spacing, measure the distance between plants with a piece of wood of the desired length.
It is a matter of definition, and the quality of the measure is a function of the credibility of the method of definition.
If the personhood measure does become law, they would almost certainly be banned.
Inequality of opportunity is not easy to measure, or even to define.
It can matter as much to decide what to measure as to work out how to measure it.
Historical data, for all its faults, is the only objective way to measure risk.
He also notes that simply washing hands with soap is the best single sanitation measure.
Wind speeds within tornadoes are so difficult to measure directly that scientists must rate tornadoes by the damage they cause.
Scientists have devised a way to measure the health of coral reefs through aerial surveys that record color characteristics.
Everyone came away with a full measure of respect and awe.
Because it's so difficult to measure tornado winds and power, scientists measure tornadoes by the damage they cause.
See how you measure up against others, and how changes at home could do tons to protect the planet.
But the bubbles were intermittent and difficult to measure.
Some measure less than a few feet across but drop several hundred feet to the floor.
For those not familiar with the mag per square arcsecond unit of measure, here's a brief explanation.
See how you measure up against others, and how changes at home or in travel choices could do tons to protect the atmosphere.
The interstellar dust particles measure about one-hundredth the diameter of a human hair.
One sensor will measure stress that could widen the crack.
The act of remembering is a measure of tribute in and of itself.
Using this measurement, measure down from the top of the jeans waistband and cut across the jeans.
They build machines to measure the tiniest sensations hands can discern.
Geologists use the deposits to measure the age of surrounding rock and sediment.
One way to determine the load of a river is, in concept, simple: go out in the field and measure it.
Ideally, a lab should show use some of the basic physics principles as well as have something the students can measure.
Put a shoe on the pedal and measure how much strap you'll need.
Modern self-tracking systems can measure our bodies, our minds, and our movements.
Dew point is a measure of how much water vapor is actually in the air.
In addition to taking photos of clouds, satellites used radiometers to measure infrared radiation emitted by clouds.

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