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So, if cutting the match is unavoidable, best to add some sugar to help the medicine go down.
The report offers a range of solutions that match its magnitude.
The amount of money to be gained from playing fair far out paces what a match fixer can give.
Or you can go truly thematic and match the lyrics to the menu.
Contrary to popular opinion, cheese and wine aren't an easy match.
Match hidden cards with missions, but also try to remember cards you see and match them to future missions.
Index funds match market returns rather than try to beat them.
Tense to the end, the match was not settled until the stroke of midnight and the last ball.
Then the ranger lights a match and the tiny dot of light magically spreads, illuminating a circle of astonished faces.
Instead, both your choice and the outcome could be prearranged to match.
As it turned out, there was no bone marrow match for me, so that was out of the question.
The table legs are painted white to match the walls, ceiling, and cabinet trim.
The economy steadily transformed itself to match the advanced skills that higher education conferred.
Efforts to reform the country's political system, he said, should match these aspirations.
The researchers gave the fighters the test before and after a match.
As in a game of musical chairs, polluters must scramble to match allowances to emissions.
Looking for colors that exactly match favorite objects.
The idea for the game is to match the frogs with the same color of fireflies.
By matching interests, the theory goes, the test-taker can focus on occupations that might be a good match.
Hyenas are pack hunters, and a warthog is no match for the group.
People pay more attention to facts that match their beliefs than those that undermine them.
What the scientists found did not match the conception that birds lost their smelling skills early.
Match the needs of trees you choose to the conditions in your garden.
The objective of the program is to match students with programs they have expressed an interest in, she wrote in an e-mail.
In choosing what to sponsor, marketing executives often aim to match the event to the image of their brand.
The references don't match up with the text of the report.
But the great turtle is no match for industrial fishing fleets.
Have your students match vocabulary words from the story with their pictures.
The waterfalls of the upcountry match the tranquil rhythms of the coast.
Here, the plywood is painted to match the color of the walls and then faced with pieces of bamboo.
No longer can human history match the scale of natural history.
Label each pair so you'll be able to easily match them later.
They're a perfect match with the barbecued ribs and brisket or your favorite grilled steak, fish, or chicken.
Mysterious lunar flashes match up geographically with puffs of radon gas.
The yellow and purple hues that should emerge in the spring will match their school colours.
Thus, the colors in the fragments didn't match those in the photographs.
OP, your subject line and your body of your message don't quite match.
Scientists may have an answer to why certain volcanoes spew forth lava that doesn't match with their predictions.
The two may as well be in entirely different dimensions, the match up between the new footage and the old stock is so bad.
One solution is to see if your department will match a small external grant.
These days he has a political vision-and a business nose to match.
Chameleons don't change colors to match their surroundings.
The test is certain to be followed by scores of others that attempt to better match drug to patient.
Adjusts video quality continually to match available bandwidth.
If your skills warrant higher compensation elsewhere, ask for a match or leave.
There are two key measures of how good a biometric system is: the false match rate, and the false non-match rate.
And an antibody probe for, say, anthrax needs to make a match with the exact strain of the specific bacterium it is targeting.
But it is unlikely that anyone will match her tenacity in trying to make the stories come true.
While some may carp, none has been able to match its instant global brand recognition.
She's given herself a two-year time frame to find the perfect match.
It will even have a bed custom-made to match your favorite chair.
The organic pigments can also be studied to identify forgeries and match similar works of art.
Check a partial list of companies that match employee gifts.
The shaded region is the error estimate of the models, while the dotted red line is the model scaled up to match the data.
Wild open space holds a power that no museum or chandeliered restaurant can match.
The final lines of the printed version didn't match his own memory.
But a prominent solar scientist who studies those flows says that the model does not match observational data.
Dinosaurs had bird-style eyes, so camouflage had to match habitat colors.
They're all made with the same sugar cookie dough and frosting, so you can mix and match.
We've sorted through the new contenders to match up the right digital camera for your shooting style.
It has a shortage of researchers to match its ambitions.
The match was seriously considered by the two families, and at first no hindrance was thrown in its way.
There was nothing in the world to prevent her making a really brilliant match.
Never stop in the middle of a tennis or golf match and complain of a lame ankle, especially if you are losing.
Real-world observations seem to match up with these calculations.
Dental records confirmed the match, and another sad and baffling case was solved.
The wild dogs seem to be merely loping along, even as they match the impalas' blazing speed.
Most affordable home blenders can't match that consistency.
Maybe the new contractor is less reliable, or has poor quality equipment, or is a bad match in some other way.
If you aren't contributing at a level sufficient to take the full match, then boost your contribution to the full level.
Up to this point, the senior colleges have been able to review these credits and deny those that are not a match.
Accordingly, more and more auto mechanics have acquired specialized training and educational credentials to match.
And yet time and again, scientists find that the creations of pure thought match what they discover in nature.
Being an audio podcast about human perception, it's sort of the perfect match.
Do your best to match the top of the column to the printed square.
Because the chemical signatures of the comets did not match the oceans.
If a model is run that does not history match then it is incorrectly constructed and or parameterized.
The headline seems alarmist, and doesn't seem to match the information in the article.
T-cells recognize invaders through receptors that match molecules on bacteria, viruses, even tumors.
If observations do not match predicted results, the hypothesis should be withdrawn.
But the match's significance depends mostly on any improved understanding between the two prime ministers.
Their wares have a plain usefulness that the frothier bits of finance cannot match.
Top of the league last season, managers now feel as if they are half way through a new season and have yet to win a match.
He is determined to match his record-then beat it tenfold.
Keep rolling until you can't match your roll on the remaining tiles.
Ask them to make sure their models match the type of disaster represented.
Remove from heat and add bourbon, then carefully ignite with kitchen match.
For starters, this place has a posh, minimalist interior that resembles a jewelry store-and it's got the prices to match.
The minimalist design is actually a good match for the restaurant's mission of facilitating swift dining.
All literary forms are artificial, and they are constantly changing, to match the new tone and mood of the culture.
We hear of his rise to increasingly lofty offices with more and more generous salaries to match.
Often patients have conditions or combinations of conditions that do not easily match the supposed evidence.
And it's quite a hurdle for technology to achieve to match that level of usability.
They match accurately with thousands of other details of narratives which have never been publicized.
If they find one offering better value for money, they match it.
Organic and printed materials can also be used to make stretchable electronics, but they can't match silicon in terms of speed.
The company says it believes it will be able to match the properties of spider silk within the next year.
Users match up colored pieces on different blocks in order to clear screens and progress through puzzles.
As the laser pulse changes its speed, the heart alters its beat to match.
One important question is whether this approach will ever match purely electronic computing techniques.
The prototype plastic flash memory cannot match silicon's storage density, long-term stability, or number of rewrite cycles.
Two materials match the thermal properties of this layer: water ice or ordinary bedrock.
In a larger sense, and in a way that perhaps no other medium can match, it illustrates that what games can accomplish is empathy.
Pharmaceutical researchers routinely sift through databases of small molecules looking for drugs to match a particular protein.
None of these services can match the catalog or-to state the obvious-the pricing of the illicit choices.
Sure, any good pair of decks can automatically beat-match for you.
He says that the current design doesn't match the way that people revisit pages.
Mostly they use other techniques to match rotor speed to wind speed.
They're working to give better-quality search results and to match ads better.
The match was not even close: the e-nose was unable to recognize either compound in traces less than a few parts per million.
It's obvious that the size of a forest fire does not depend on the size of the match that starts it.
As a memorization exercise, see if you can match each suggestion to its respective body part.
Each piece was fitted and tailored to match the personality of the athlete who inspired it.
Maybe now, after the shock of a professional setback, you'll be able to come up with a voice to match it.
But simply piling on the pixels will not be enough to match the rich visual experience of human eyes.
The crests of one wave match the crests of all the others, and troughs match up with troughs.
Twenty days later, he found the bacteria in their leaves, which were a perfect genetic match for the ones in the whiteflies.
There was no corresponding match with mixed breeds, however.
He did not find an exact match, but he did find a strong resemblance to a gene in the tapeworm family.
And part of my goal is to move people toward having to take responsibility, to begin to match words and actions.
There are few ingredients and the work required is part wrestling match, part science experiment.
Match is the biggest pay site, so it has a little bit of everything.
There are no images yet circulating to match against the reports, but surely soon they will come too.
If homeowners' salaries don't match their debts, they don't need another loan so much as a cash transfer.
As you can see, the rates of change of these components don't always match up.
Unfortunately, there is little evidence that urgent actions are being prepared to match urgent timelines.
Intellectuals and partisans may line up at the extremes, but ordinary people mix and match values from competing menus.
Perhaps the ultimate match of food with beverage is cheese with wine.
But sometimes would-be donors don't work out because their blood types or antibodies aren't a good match.
But it's been tough to find organizations that match my ideals.

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