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Self-publishing will destroy the aura of martyrdom that writers have enjoyed for centuries.
Families of suicide bombers enjoy an increased status in their communities by virtue of their relatives' perceived martyrdom.
Martyrdom does not end something, it only a beginning.
If the orthodoxy imposed is rejected by the majority of voters, the orthodox must embrace martyrdom.
We have made it possible for the mujahideen to find an opening for martyrdom.
The skeptical and the secular also need stories of martyrdom and rousing acts of cinematic preaching.
She inhabits a universe in which martyrdom appears to be not only an exalted ambition but a reasonable career choice.
It denies the flag-waving orator a self-professed martyrdom.
And it is good to know that he will not achieve a fanatic's martyrdom.
It's called martyrdom, and it works precisely because it requires so little to get an overwhelmingly hostile response.
He thanked them, praised their courage, honored their martyrdom.
Repressive political cultures and other factors make martyrdom central to the movements there, but they might not be so unique.
But a different source of motivation is also found in the lesser-known fifth stanza: the draw of transfiguring martyrdom.
The succession may have been apostolic, but it carried from the first a threat of martyrdom for the successor.
The attraction of this stance, with its flavor of holy martyrdom, should not be underestimated.
He might suddenly stop smiling and clench his long hands, and offer himself up to martyrdom for an idea.
It's also quite thinkable, if he did, that he was trying to attain martyrdom at our hands.
Whereupon somebody else launched a sanguinary martyrdom, which called for color.
They do not do enough to honor the bravery and martyrdom of the people who died there.
But while he balances zingers with more thoughtful meditations on martyrdom and history, the jokes wear thin two-thirds in.
Their leadership claims are based on their personal loss and inherited martyrdom, of which their feuding is a constant reminder.
Lazar could have a victory and win an earthly kingdom, or he could choose martyrdom and a place for his people in heaven.
Martyrdom also implies that people have a choice in the matter.
But of course it also had, in the case of a defeat, the option of declaring an imperishable martyrdom.
If others prefer solitude or martyrdom, he shrugs his shoulders.
The firmness with which he defended his former answer procured him the crown of martyrdom.
Nine of that number received the crown of martyrdom.
But perceiving that he sunk not at all, he began to fear he should lose the crown of martyrdom.
Such a life has its trials, and often a severer martyrdom than that which stands the test of the flames.
The call appeared to him to be an almost certain promise of the martyrdom on which his desires had long been set.
He needs a spectacle to confirm his sense of martyrdom.

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