manganese in a sentence

Example sentences for manganese

The acid then dissolves other metals--such as manganese and aluminum--from the surrounding rock.
The microbes metabolize manganese in the dust that lands on the rock, and metabolites accrete on the rock's surface.
Taurine needs proper balance of manganese and zinc for it's storage, distribution, and utilization.
The pigments that give the fine-grained rocks their hues come largely from the iron and manganese compounds they contain.
For the lithium-ion version, it is manganese dioxide spiked with lithium ions.
The new material, a porous foam made from a nickel-manganese-gallium alloy, stretches slightly when exposed to a magnetic field.
One alternative is to replace cobalt with manganese.
We already know the shape of the manganese catalyst that does it.
These delicious little packages are dense with nutrients, an excellent source of manganese, copper and tryptophan.
It has even more fiber than the regular variety and respectable amounts of such nutrients as manganese, tryptophan and magnesium.
Manganese is a naturally occurring metal that is found in many types of rocks.
Pure manganese is silver-colored, but does not occur naturally.
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