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Hundreds of thousands are living in makeshift camps.
Using a piece of vegetation as a makeshift pillow, a pair of elephant seals cuddle on the beach.
Drivers and cars get ready to rumble in makeshift service pits.
The only people in imminent danger are the guys standing around the makeshift launchpad.
Injured protesters were treated at a makeshift clinic in a mosque.
Sports stadiums, disused factories and city parks all became makeshift homes for refugees.
Families build makeshift huts, or sukkah, with roofs open to the sky.
He set up a makeshift studio in an empty storefront across the street from where he lived.
The rebels responded by firing nearly a dozen of the makeshift mortars.
Hundreds of thousands are living in makeshift shelters.
Many refugees are sheltering under makeshift tarpaulin structures.
Hundreds of thousands of survivors are refugees, squatting in makeshift camps wherever you go.
There was a makeshift shower rigged up on the other side of the building.
Four others were inside their makeshift hut, either asleep or preparing a simple meal.
Time is ticking as the crew gathers wood to build makeshift walkways that will be used to cross over the mucky marsh.
Kids sit on ladders topped with makeshift highchairs, the better for their little hands to snag trinkets.
There were trams, orderly queues, makeshift picture houses and smoking factory chimneys.
Another is of the dead and critically injured in houses serving as makeshift hospitals.
There are also hundreds of youngsters with little to do and only a makeshift school.
Some doctors arranged makeshift surgeries in private homes.
Sluices and valves govern the flow of liquid and makeshift meters record the water-levels.
And crude machines are replacing bare feet as macerators, while washing machines are being used as makeshift centrifuges.
In their makeshift new homes, the refugees face grim conditions and resentment from the local poor.
The police said he stole a service revolver from a police locker room used as a makeshift holding cell.
Desks, tables and bathtubs all make excellent makeshift forts.
He showed up at the games incognito and stayed in makeshift barracks.
The back of the truck had been outfitted with a makeshift bed.
Army officials have blamed such incidents on impostors dressed in makeshift fatigues.
But two technology trends may finally topple this makeshift structure and signal the end of the auction.
The preliminary design for the vehicle marks the height of simplicity and funky makeshift ingenuity.
Late this afternoon there's a baseball game going on in a makeshift field behind the colony school.
We set up our makeshift tent where we'll store all of our equipment.
In these regions the motorcyclists fixed compact discs to their mud flaps as makeshift reflectors.
Tables and chairs and umbrellas will be arranged to form makeshift caf├ęs in the middle of the street.
There was cheering, and a makeshift marching band sashayed through.
Jin's kitchen is an electric stove erected on a rickety, makeshift balcony.
Olga's door is a retrofitted portcullis of makeshift armor plate.
Following it as it plunges along, one can see that the leafy shadows are dotted thickly with makeshift houses and shacks.
Onto the platform was led a spiritless troop of pre-teenage boys, all wearing makeshift uniforms of shorts and blouses.
Inside, rooms are dark and empty except for a few broken chairs and makeshift desks.
Several hundred civilians, their homes in ashes, huddle under makeshift shelters.
He had kicked off his flip-flops and was taking an afternoon nap in a makeshift hammock strung between the wheels of a farm cart.
Shrunken sunflower plants, normally valuable for seeds and oil, are being used as a makeshift feed for livestock.
Makeshift or manufactured, stovetop smokers work the same way.
He calmly fielded calls from people trapped by the surging waters and doled out information on makeshift shelters.
Large gaps in the stairway were replaced with makeshift ropes that allowed hikers to shimmy up the slippery mountainside.
Thousands gathered, brandishing makeshift weapons and hurling insults.
When the fighters returned to their makeshift camp in a local school, hot meals prepared by their neighbors were waiting.
Or why my personal etiquette often seems makeshift and contradictory, even clinically insane.
The makeshift fuse used in this incident defeated this design.
Biologists use a makeshift field scale to determine a captured bear's weight.
During the transfer process, the three gallon pail was knocked from a makeshift table to the floor.
Still more are huddled inside makeshift shelters pulled together from old boxes, shopping carts and a tarp or two.
There is a large concrete boat ramp and two boat docks in the main state park and several makeshift ramps in all the larger bays.
The hardships the ordinary soldier endured while living in makeshift log huts has become legendary.
Infants and toddlers have died in cribs with makeshift repairs.
All were armed with a makeshift weapons: padlocks attached to belts.
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