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These unique abodes are less tent and more reminiscent of a room at a luxury resort.
For tomato lovers and avid gardeners, too many tomatoes isn't a complaint, it's a luxury.
For the winners, the luxury-goods market has recovered strongly from its low point a few years ago.
The luxury industry pulled a rather amazing feat in the last few years.
But less opulent examples of luxury cars going electric were also in evidence.
Though some serious art collectors are not thrilled with the inclusion of luxury goods, this mix is likely to continue.
The luxury sector is doing what it can to distance itself from the headline-grabbing accident.
Luxury watches are part status symbol, part investment.
Luxury cars boast gadgets that do everything but steer the car for you.
There are even deals to be had in the company's portfolio of luxury trips.
Industry bosses lobby the summiteers from their headquarters in a nearby luxury hotel.
The reserve features four topflight luxury lodges stationed among these environments.
Don't rent the fanciest cars or stay in luxury hotels when you're on university business.
Most writers don't have the luxury of putting their work in a drawer for a month.
While for any given individual art is a luxury, for a civilization to endure, it's a necessity.
Once higher ed is turned into a luxury good financed with debt, the relationship shifts.
For those people, so pressed that they don't have the time to wash their hair, procrastination products would be a luxury.
Few deans or senior academic officers have the luxury of agonizing over decisions of this type.
If you have the luxury of a month or more, you can usually get the comments that you need.
We don't have the luxury of tenure and therefore are not guaranteed work the next semester.
Few have the luxury of dipping into their parents' coffers.
To them, it's not a big risk of anything but time, and maybe a little luxury.
The luxury tax on yachts proved that once and for all.
He has the luxury, he says, of not doing so and doesn't worry about making much sense of his musical interests.
It's time to stop indulging in the luxury of low self-esteem.
She suffered intensely, feeling herself born for every delicacy and every luxury.
The animal was at first a rare and high-priced luxury and consequently only the noble families could afford to keep it.
Art and luxury have early learned that they must work as enchantment and sequel to this original beauty.
We must war with luxury, with madness, with wickedness.
At the same time there is nothing that a genuine dependent upon luxury resents more than to be told he is dependent.
Such luxury of grief, however, is only allowed to parlour-boarders.
Every luxury, and almost every manufactured article, came to us across the water.
There's also the added benefit of having color photographs for every recipe-which is a luxury in printed cookbooks.
Spices were indeed a luxury, as were rice and white bread.
Their goal is to complete the work this summer and launch it as a luxury boutique hotel not long after that.
Typically, they traveled by luxury steamer and coach, with servants and trunks in tow.
Camping out was not the luxury in those days that modern civilization has made it.
In this economy, you don't see many five-star luxury hotels opening.
For some of the best services, room amenities and on-site dining, book a room at one of the island's luxury hotels.
Usually each of these problems is treated in isolation, as though humanity had the luxury of dealing with its problems one by one.
Animals whose pelts or eggs are considered luxury items--such as spotted cats or sturgeon--could also fall prey.
So with less apparently on the line, it is easier to indulge in the seeming luxury of vaccine skepticism and avoidance.
From time to time a lineage has settled back on the ground and given up the metabolically expensive luxury of flight.
Hunters shoot mothers and sell their bodies as meat to rich city dwellers who can afford the luxury.
Unlike sports fans dissecting a pivotal football play, scientists studying evolution don't have the luxury of instant replay.
The brief paralysis caused by the first sting gives the wasp the luxury of time to deliver a more precise sting to the head.
We have the luxury in retrospect to see their system was flawed, but they would have suggested it was simply incomplete.
And they can't afford the luxury of the toxic allure of absolute certainty.
It is disheartening and frustrating when others can't afford people the same simple luxury.
We don't have the luxury of running tests with lab rats.
Some of us don't have the luxury of waiting around for scientific evidence.
His new system did not allow the interviewers the luxury of free-ranging conversations with the recruits.
He envisioned wearing a starched uniform and reporting to work at a luxury hotel.
But once subsistence is taken care of, luxury raises its silken, smiling head.
In no other country are automatic refrigerators considered a necessity instead of a luxury.
Knowing well the corrupting power of luxury, he distributes these treasures with reluctance.
We don't have the luxury of waiting for results from pilot programs in order to slowly change our system.
Then reports started to come in from poor backwoods areas showing that consumers there were buying luxury goods.
High-end luxury and sports cars stir the imagination, yet few will ever be able to buy them.
Things can't get much worse for many of the world's top luxury brands.
The luxury market took a beating in the down economy.
Things are so bad, even cheap clothes are a luxury now.
Even famously resistant designers and luxury retailers are putting goods online.
Counterfeit shopping has become something of a sport, much to the chagrin of luxury-goods manufacturers.
The confusion surrounding the tax comes from its complexity and the luxury car it is named for.
One way would be to create a big value-added tax on luxury goods.
It's trial run became a luxury cruise for the president.
The fact that luxury dining has declined doesn't help, but it's not the cause.
Its a luxury of modern sports that you can bring the game with you.
Most social media content doesn't have the luxury of paper-bound back-up.
Sugar was both a luxury and a novelty, and the few who could afford it would grate it over almost anything.
It's a luxury unique to animation, though one of which few animators take comparable advantage.
Before the recession, the factory only made luxury yachts.
Usually it's a luxury, but at other times, having friends around can fundamentally change the way you experience a movie.
Seriously, you'll learn a lot about the names of luxury watch brands listening to this thing.
If you are a fan of a bad team, however, you don't get that luxury.
But commandos don't have the luxury of exploring individuals.
The maker of luxury vehicles is developing a less expensive line aimed at people more interested in phones than cars.
We are talking about a luxury sports car, with real driving characteristics, not a golf cart.
It's not a luxury to make it grow faster, it's an absolute necessity.
Wealth and luxury for billions on a scale unimaginable a century ago.
Perhaps they're merely extremely well adapted to a life of luxury.
Hedge-fund managers try to sell their luxury homes, while trophy wives are hocking their jewelry.
His ardent asceticism has only recently been leavened with a dollop of luxury.
His creations carry a message of subliminal freedom and luxury.
The horrors and deprivations of the war were almost forgotten, and the city was reawakening to luxury.
It had been a storage facility for a local luxury-car dealership, which was downsizing.
Even people unfazed by luxury are startled by the excess.
The luxury and semi-luxury industries had laid off thousands of workers.
It is a luxury that, along with our electric drink stirrers and mink hangers, has gone quickly out of style.
Luxury taxes are taxes on expensive, nonessential items, such as luxury cars.
Accommodations range from rustic cabins to luxury suites.
We make the transition from tailgate barbeques to premium services to luxury suites every day.

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