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Carry-on baggage is a small piece of luggage you take onboard the airplane with you.
To add to your baggage woes, several airlines have established weight limits for carry-on luggage.
It inevitably slows you down, and you run the risk of losing your luggage entirely.
Spend less time packing and more time exploring, thanks to our handheld digital luggage scale.
Airport security found a jar of pasta sauce in my luggage last month.
Between the lousy service, lost luggage and inevitable delays, nothing about it can be called fun.
Getting annoyed that your luggage is lost, and yelling at the baggage handler will not find your luggage any faster.
Most people travelling between families check luggage to contain the presents.
Students from the college appeared with a truck and took me and my luggage to the college.
Most people going long-haul on holiday do check luggage.
As a result belts began jamming up, and the first three flights of the morning took off without any luggage on board at all.
And by the end of the year, close to five million travelers will have been stuck scratching their heads at the luggage carousel.
The result: checkpoint personnel now have to handle and inspect more luggage.
Carrying options include handle, padded shoulder strap, or rear strap to slide over luggage handle.
Don't let your explorations get weighed down by bulky luggage.
They did the same thing with the headlights, tail lights, engine lid and luggage compartment lid.
His luggage is one of those weird glorified backpacks with a handle on it.
He was carrying dozens of samples of his new luggage.
Airlines keep finding new things to charge for, from pillows to checked-in luggage.
Some people, though, mistake the simple slipcases for full-fledged luggage.
People are pushing and shoving and tripping over their luggage.
Most importantly, perhaps, it does not charge for checked-in luggage.
Its dimensions are perfect for transporting and it fits in your average carry on size bag of luggage.
He also opened the overhead luggage compartments as the plane came in to land and ignored six requests to sit down.
Add a set of luggage and you could do a road trip on this bike.
Share your experiences about checking versus shipping your luggage.
And what's amusing when it happens to a luggage container is tragic when it involves human life.
Beyond breakage, shipping wine or placing it in luggage bound for hot locales can be destructive.
Sometimes they arrive with luggage and with tourist visas in their pockets.
Overnighting my luggage also prevents the inevitable confusion at the luggage carousel.
It has leather totes and bags in bright colors and a line of soft luggage.
Bedbugs are more likely to travel on backpacks, luggage, shoes and other items farther removed from our bodies.
Needless to say, you'll pack these in your carry-on luggage, rather than checking them.
Kenyon has their faculty in on the weekend to schlep the little scions' luggage on move-in day.
They checked his registration and his luggage, then drove him to the city jail and locked him up.
That's really the best-case scenario for luggage thievery.
Sports cars are generally uncomfortable and impractical with only two useable seats and virtually no luggage space.
And the mad late-night luggage toss scramble at the end of some trips can be a little harrowing for the faint at heart.
Pack lightly so that you can either carry the gift on its own or inside your piece of carry one luggage.
Open any damaged piece of luggage and examine the contents.
When packing for a cruise, you need to take the size of your luggage into account.
Always place valuable items--such as computers, money and jewelry--in your carry-on luggage.
Each airline has its own luggage policy regulating the size of carry-on and checked luggage.
Carry-on luggage may still be allowed on airplanes, but what goes in that luggage must meet federal.
Items such as hair dryers, irons and portable cribs may be available for use, freeing up valuable space in your luggage.
It can be carried in luggage on planes, though not in hand luggage.
Plan luggage space for it and possibly additional materials.
But when she was seen struggling with a large bag at check-in, airport officials decided to x-ray her luggage.
Know your air carrier's luggage policy and make sure your bags are properly labeled with your contact information.
But those seats, together or alone, power against the side walls to make way for luggage or gear.
She loaded her luggage into the open trunk and drove off.
They adorn our clothes, our luggage, our sneakers and our hats.

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