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In order to avert the almost inevitable human disasters that loom, all nations must adopt two dramatic policy shifts.
In the forge's dust and cinders, in the tissues of the loom.
Howbeit go to thy chamber and mind thine own housewiferies, the loom and distaff, and bid thy handmaids ply their tasks.
The sedentary habits of the desk and the loom render the exertions and hardships of war insupportable.
Yet even oil optimists concede that physical limits are beginning to loom.
The wiring loom uses recycled and halogen-free materials instead of polyvinyl, a move intended to make it more easily recycled.
The problem would not loom so large if non-paternity were rare.
He will learn far more practical skills in six months at the loom than he would in six years of school.
Yet in the longer run the faults of the book loom large.
As an outside observer, it sometimes seems that the business school is starting to loom over the economics department.
Even though the actual abuses represent a small fraction of the entries, they loom large in public perception.
Academic studies don't loom large on their mental maps of the university.
And it may be undone by sins that loom large mostly because they are surprising, not because they are significant.
Cooler temperatures loom, and along with them plenty of cool books for fall.
And the decade-long boom is slowing as concerns over inflation and exorbitant prices loom larger.
Together they consolidate the village's defenses and shape the villagers into a militia, while the bandits loom menacingly nearby.
Problems somehow work themselves out, or loom less large.
The shadow of a war and misgivings over the future loom in the minds of many of us.
Every society has been tantalized by the great loom of the sky with its flowing quilt of stars.
But longer-term worries loom for workers who see their pensions shrivelling.
Their mortgage debts loom larger because of vanishing inflation.
Scandals that loom over several leading public figures may also explain why the government is falling out of favour.
Yet even though things look bad now, a default probably does not loom in the near future.
Debt problems loom, but there is no immediate fiscal crisis and no need for drastic short-term cuts.
Revenge killings loom, as well as tribal conflicts and large-scale looting, given the lack of physical security at the moment.
And the problem of growing long-term unemployment continues to loom large.
Big disputes also loom over industrial tariffs and trade in services.
And other questions loom over the new electric cars.
With local and foreign aid groups already reluctant to support the new makeshift camps, arguments loom.
At the same time, technological innovation will barely pause for breath, and two big political changes loom.
But several problems loom for the coming year, many to do with the neighbours.
As production has soared, problems of supply have begun to loom.
If you commute a relatively long distance to work by car, petrol expenditures will loom large in your budget.
Fasten the thread to the loom separating each strand between the comb teeth at each end of the loom.
Scissors are needed to trim ends of yarn on your weaving and to cut the finished weaving off the loom.
Some of our hands on activities are to weave a rug on a loom and try the oldest form of wool spinning along with wool carding.
Creating a sense of immediacy, three rows of spectators block off our view, and the ringside ropes loom overhead.

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