long distance in a sentence

Example sentences for long distance

Nevertheless mankind is able to move enormous blocks over long distance since thousands of years.
We have long distance training-mostly running and cross-country skiing.
The feet of a ballet dancer, a long distance runner, a place kicker.
The water would have been damagingly too rough and choppy for that tiny boat to cross over that long distance.
From a long distance they merge into the hypotenuse.
Because there is no long distance driving, electric cars make a lot of sense.
If it's a long distance call to reach the port, you pay for that.
The past few years it's been an ongoing series of long distance drives, punctuated with frequent camping trips towing a trailer.
If you commute a relatively long distance to work by car, petrol expenditures will loom large in your budget.
The idea that efficient and high speed rail links would only serve long distance locations is another fable.
On long distance trips, air travel is significantly faster than car travel, as long as your flight is not delayed or canceled.
Consumers have a choice as to which company will provide their long distance telephone service.
Long distance companies also purchase a different form of carrier access, special access, from local telephone companies.
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