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The loneliness and social isolation, if your workplace even partly filled that need, if you have no family for moral support.
There is the bigness of the performances and then the isolation and loneliness that follows.
Loneliness and social isolation are the problems the elderly face in almost all countries of the world.
There is a new installment in the annals of loneliness.
He is considered fair game for all manner of theories about his mood swings, his loneliness and his craftiness.
His food supplies were low, and he felt emotionally thin, stressed by loneliness and the inhospitable locale.
And the sequence sends out wider emotional ripples befitting a work about spiritual loneliness.
Growing friendlessness at home will be compounded by increasing loneliness abroad.
His loneliness and anxiety is making him miserable and us too.
The image captures the loneliness of homesteads once inhabited by hopeful pioneers.
Yet even here the sense of beauty is shot through with loneliness and fear.
Never a second of loneliness felt when listen to music.
Social networks can lessen loneliness and boost self-esteem.
The admirer sends her flowers out of the blue, as if to acknowledge that he understands her essential loneliness.
Everyone in this lean, artful drama knows exactly how loneliness feels.
Someday it might be said that this was the beginning of the end of cosmic loneliness.
His touching reflections of the nature of loneliness also come to mind.
To me, it streams out of the growing epidemic of loneliness.
Sharing the same room and bed, the boys coped with loneliness and social slights by studying for ten hours a day.
Not only does warm water soothe us, it can combat loneliness.
My opinion: people drink in excess due to loneliness, boredom and/or escapism.
Few would contest the claim that pets can give us comfort, especially in times of strain or loneliness.
Yet they leave these home comforts to endure parasites, predators, and loneliness.
To find oneself in a situation where your life seems of little value is the ultimate in loneliness.
He was always surprised, therefore, when she became moody and sentimental and talked about how loneliness is incurable.
The photographs representing loneliness are exceptionally good.
As long as doubt and loneliness exist this music will try to speak to them.
Consider the size of the airline business, the scale of the sky, and the loneliness of an airplane in flight.
Athletes dealing with injuries often talk about the loneliness that comes with dealing with rehab on your own.
He was lonely and had begun to think that loneliness was a part of his character, something that would always stay with him.
It all seemed the embodiment of loneliness and wild majesty.
The oppressive fear of criticism was gone, but a diffident loneliness remained.
She had not been much of a dissembler, until now her loneliness taught her to feign.
On returning to the tumult, the impression it produced upon me was the deeper for my previous loneliness.
But it's actually more of a bittersweet reflection on regret and loneliness.
As a result, he believes, there is much less loneliness among them.
The loneliness of the long-distance candidate: much time is spent on rural roads between campaign stops.
Part of being a nerd is a high tolerance for aloneness which sometimes can translate into loneliness.
They are about the common world, as well as the final loneliness from which the common world cannot protect us.
His loneliness was bottomless, but there was always someone to try to help him find the bottom.
Given the atomization and loneliness of contemporary life-that's our opening.
Here the units of life are depletion, longevity, and unremitting loneliness.
There's another kind of loneliness, too, which is odd considering the ardent attention paid to her by her partner.
In the process, these newcomers hoped to ease their loneliness.
Urbanization gave way to suburbanization, and with it the universal threat of loneliness.
It's a sad and somewhat self-consciously lyrical story about loneliness, insecurity, and failure.
His horn gave the band its sound of highway loneliness, its magnificent heart.
In writing books, you get to have total control of everything, but at the risk of insanity and horrible loneliness.
Despite the way it feels, loneliness often has nothing to do with being alone.
But the real loneliness of the office does not come from old friends preening and new ones pretending.
The thread running through the list of victims in the indictment was loneliness.
Many did, some didn't, but nearly all suffered unnecessary loneliness and rejection.
What she railed against was the squalor and loneliness of their last hours.
Childhood friends remember him as pleasant and well bred, and touched by loneliness, owing in part to his parents' divorce.

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