localization in a sentence

Example sentences for localization

And our right or left handedness corresponds with the brain localization of language.
And, the localization tests proved they worked nearly as well as the open ear.
Also fueling the localization drive is a desire to spur alcohol sales.
The localization is significant, and the stories reproduce the life and atmosphere of the northern heroic age.
It is true that physiological psychologists speak of the localization of speech in the brain.
People are beginning to understand in our day that exact localization is one of the first elements of reality.
We could not at that time find any explanation for the unusual localization of the hysterogenic zone.
The games that do make it over often go through a cryptic localization process that.
Nevertheless, modern neuroscience techniques often focus on localization at the expense of communication.
The re- localization of energy is simply the re-localization of wealth and economic well being as well.
One of my main concerns regarding this technology is the ability to promote localization.
Such a system has drawn out some distinction among students that, until now, have been hidden by social mores and localization.
The new study is one of the first to address the puzzle of toothache localization, he says.
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