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Example sentences for lobotomy

Kearns's book, she was also given a lobotomy upon orders of her father.
It went though the frontal lobes of his brain and gave him the equivalent of a frontal lobotomy.
As far as he or anyone else can determine, he has made the first full-length feature film in which the chief subject is lobotomy.
While lobotomy has been abandoned, electroshock therapy is still used to treat depression.
She was about to have a lobotomy when a hospital official read that she had won a literary prize.
Maybe you would be happier if you gave yourself a lobotomy too.
The procedure was called a lobotomy, and the result was a permanent change in temperament.
The second, theater snobs, will interpret that he is recovering from a lobotomy.
It made for a lobotomy session of conversation, since few things are more boring than hucksters talking about their brand.

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One hand stiff—heaviness of forties & menopause reduced by one heart stroke, lame now—wrinkles—a scar on her head,... more
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