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Because of the clever structuring of the financial instruments, the supply of lending capital was nearly limitless.
In their first hours underground, the darkness around them must have seemed limitless.
The oceans offer a nearly-limitless source of water, provided it can be efficiently and affordably desalinated.
The global economy is now so large that society can no longer safely pretend it operates within a limitless ecosystem.
Solution: our model of limitless human population growth needs updating.
Certain resources are finite, while others are for practical purposes limitless.
Under these extreme conditions atomic nuclei collide and fuse, liberating energy that could provide virtually limitless power.
Access to computers, and to information that shows how the world functions, should be limitless and complete.
Developers get a cheap, instant, essentially limitless computing cloud.
And those social networks are fluid and box-less and limitless in a way that traditional media never could be.
Most important, the index tells us nothing about the country's potential, which arguably remains limitless.
The only reason the government can is because its ability to print or borrow money is almost limitless.
There are limitless combinations of hardware and software that make up today's computers.
The possibilities for new inventions were seemingly limitless.
He could imbue adult cells, which are normally fixed in specific roles, with the limitless potential of stem cells.
Fans knew then his potential over the next three years was limitless.
Gap seemed safer, because its philosophy has been to sell a seemingly limitless supply of tried-and-true basics.
The two main parties have adopted their leaders' limitless mutual animosity.
Employers revelled in seemingly limitless cheap labour.
Some still call the ocean a bank, though no longer in the sense of limitless cash.
We know there is essentially limitless energy available through nuclear power, which is safe and relatively inexpensive.
The value that can be derived from data mining of de-personalized records is limitless.
The possibilities of cinema were suddenly limitless.
They are too settled in an earlier stage of development, in a dream of limitless growth.
But there's little need for a bouncer at the door once dictionaries go online, where space is effectively limitless.
The possibilities for off-campus enjoyment are limitless.
The potential demand is virtually limitless, but there are many problems to be considered.

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