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Indeed, it may be even quirkier than this life history suggests.
But each chat makes you memorable, and encourages your fellow chatterers to see you as a pleasant individual with a life history.
For all these reasons, foraging during nesting is a stress point in the life history of albatross.
The bonobo's life history is typical for a great ape.
The results of the scans helped researchers piece together the life history of the mummy without removing her bandages.
Ask students to share facts that they found interesting after reading about this species' life history, especially its diet.
What you're thinking is not tempered by your life history or by only trying to find that intersection between art and life.
Individuals vary widely in their responses, determined both by genetic predisposition and by life history.
She shifts from workaday laborer to fertile egg layer, adjusting body and life history in the process.
My own life history reminds me that while difficult challenges can have great personal rewards, impossible ones are disheartening.
Much about the jellyfish life history is still unknown.
Having finished with feeding and digestion, an entire session was then devoted to sauropod reproduction and life history.
But with the help of fallout from nuclear bomb tests, biologists have at last tracked the life history of one of the creatures.
The development of his thought, he said, was from case history to life history to social and cultural factors.
Various prescribed medicines can impair driving abilities as much as long life history.
The bacterium has an interesting multi-stage life history.
Bits of her life history are sprinkled throughout, adding an honest feeling.

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