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Ask the librarian how to get these books for you if they are not in your library.
Visit the library and ask a librarian, not a student worker.
As a librarian, anytime people can engage information it is a benefit for science.
It was so bad that the school librarian even called in my parents to express concern over my reading habits.
My vocabulary was laced with three-syllable words, and the local librarian was a good friend.
The bearded librarian has regained his composure and returned to work.
Before she was married, she worked as a governess and a librarian.
Librarian sends debt collectors after an eight-year-old with overdue books.
Her reply included a copy of a letter from a librarian who had asked her to speak with a book group.
Resentment of the librarian would only make sense if the copy scanned was a unique copy in the world.
But getting to know your subject librarian can be invaluable.
Also, if you ask the subject librarian in that field, he/she may know of any research that's been done listing such a thing.
Knowledge of professional law librarian principles, practices, and resources is required.

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