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The new faculty member will teach introductory chemistry and upper level inorganic chemistry and will direct student research.
Adjust position of grill if necessary so grill and liquid in pan are level.
Ability to handle stress and perform responsibilities at a high level in a dynamic environment.
Warming due to climate change will level off in the coming years, researchers predict based on a new climate model.
The level of radiation decreases dramatically as distance from the site increases.
Meanwhile, as sea level rise approaches two feet, the barriers might simply spend more time closed.
Although there is an elevator to the entrance, once you are in the homes you must use stairs to visit each level.
The triglyceride level is a laboratory test to measure the amount of triglycerides in your blood.
We seek a candidate who will excel in teaching and conduct a vigorous research program at the undergraduate level.
The optimal level of investment is the rate that generates the highest sustainable level of consumption over time.
Anything below that level on the shore will be flooded for a length of time.
Sea level is rising, but unless you live near the beach you'll be fine.
Then level off the top of the cup with a metal spatula or knife.
Climate change is pushing up the sea level globally.
US citizen with an active security clearance at a secret level or eligibility to obtain one.
Clearly, however, countries have struggled to grow with a high debt level.
Geographic literacy also has great significance at a more global and less personally immediate level.
Learning actually increases the brains level of complexity.
The bottom neck is it showing its neck at heart level.
In all recommended climate zones, cut off old stalks near ground level when leaves begin to yellow.
The higher the level of the game, the more important bidding has become.
That's quite a bit, and to boost the mean above that level would not necessarily be easy.
If the trend continues, sea level will rise, posing the threat of inundation to coastal cities and entire island countries.
Importantly, that elevated iridium level immediately precedes the first known footprints of large, carnivorous dinosaurs.
Wave breaking causes an increase in water level over the bars relative to the channel level.
The study said research should be done to determine the appropriate level of salt for different types of food items.
We may be near or even past the level of inequality where growth begins falling.
The searchable site allows visitors to indicate a grade level and subject area for resources tailored to specific needs.
Yet they are unable to resolve details at the all-important circuit level.
Not every zoo has a pathologist, or nutritionist or the level of keeper training that this zoo has.
Another application of mortar or grout creates a level surface.
He is measuring the leaf coverage present at each level of the forest.
But this ignores the fact that the level of water vapour depends on temperature.
Sea level could rise several feet over the next century.
Others can be planted with their crowns at ground level.
The flash crash had thus anticipated exactly the level to which the market would fall subsequently.
The report also indicates differences in level of parental education and student performance at grades eight and twelve.
Adjust the heights of the posts so the shoulders of the notches are level with each other.
Scientists are concerned the melting ice will contribute to a dangerous sea level rise.
When you deconstruct it to a level of utter submission you realize you've been on an adventure.
Brighten up an outdoor table by taking the centerpiece to a new level.
And as the factories moved away from the city after the war, so the water level began to rise again.
During downturns, primarily low level employees were laid off.
At that level of density, sinking in quicksand is impossible.
Production agriculture experience and/or college level coursework related to specialty crops, vegetable crops.
The algae floating in the sea are microscopic plants of great consequence on a global level.
But these and many other big cats aren't doing so well on the population level.
But how they work at a molecular level remains a mystery.
Sea level rise looks likely to come faster--and be worse--than even scientists anticipated.
Develop a master's level program in human performance.
One hint to the sea's long-term history is that it lies below sea level.
Note that the level of detail varies depending on the image available.
The right wine takes your favorite dishes to an all new level.
Most scientists figured that the dinosaurs had been done in by a change of climate or a change in sea level.
Around the first of the year, many gardeners cut the leaves off at ground level so that the flowers will be easier to see.
Once you've done that, you can usually untangle the stems and make thinning cuts to remove unwanted growth at ground level.
Put the bucket into the hole with its rim at ground level.
Then pull off any foliage or flowers that will be below the water level in the vase.
In addition, the ministry of antiquities may be downgraded from a cabinet-level agency.
He briefly joined a club team, but the level of play was so primitive he soon lost interest and turned to coaching swimming.
However, it means that at some deep underlying level, there's a much richer universe out there.
The problem with such a scenario is that the two species are not found at the same stratigraphic level.
He also began to acquire property and achieved a level of prosperity.
Seven steps connect the deck's three levels to a small ground-level patio with a portable fireplace.
Clean water comes through a self-coiling hose that's fed by a ground-level hose bib under the table.
Her garden is situated downhill from her house, but she wanted an outdoor dining area at house level.
There are a surprising number of companies out there who can provide any level of support you need.
Find a safe, level location in your garden for the oven.
To keep predators out, the wire sides extend two feet below ground level, then out another two feet.
Edged with concrete, the raised patio and its planter-retaining wall level the yard and make it more livable.
And in permafrost areas, the ground usually thaws to below root level during the warm months.
On level ground, it's harder to find a place for it.
Check that it is completely vertical, using level, then backfill to hold upright.
Upper level ridges can have a major impact on the weather at the surface.
Surface low pressure areas tend to develop to the east of upper-level troughs in the rising air.
Strong upper-level troughs and cutoff lows can cause self-destruct sunshine.
Ideally, if anyone voted against the candidate at the department level, the letter will provide an explanation.
So the university instead turned to low-level bribery.
Faculty are expected to teach at both the graduate and undergraduate level.
Candidates must demonstrate evidence of effective teaching at either the undergraduate or advanced high school level.
Climate change could potentially cause the polar ice caps to melt, leading to sea level rises worldwide.
Water was locked in glaciers, and the sea level was much lower than it is today.
Ask them to explain the advantages and disadvantages of drawing a map at this close-up level.
He says that it's the rate of growth in the election year that matters, not the level.
Many are educators at primary and secondary level who produce videos as part of their theses.
One way to do this would be to target a price level, rather than an inflation rate.
One obvious answer is that it is the only way they can maintain their desired level of spending.
Their answers could be broken down by the respondents' level of education.
High-level and low-level innovation are often combined to excellent effect in emerging markets.
And yet it would be idle to declare that none of such books rises above the confectionery level.
Labor sweats to create-and turns out devices to level not only mountains but also cities.
But the city's biggest concern remains the slow, steadily mounting threat that comes from sea level rise.
Once the design principle on one level is conquered, the principle on the other levels even on the whole system may be deduced.
But there is no consensus among researchers that any non-human species shows the same species-level handedness found in humans.
With any game or pursuit, if done at the highest level there is good chance for development.
Still, the treasure troves on both sides and on the lower level are downright exciting.
There is no known level at which chloramphenicol is safe.
After a string of long weekends and some medium-level family neglect, the prototype finally takes shape.
Sea level rise affects more than beaches and oceanfront land owners.
The sound power level of a source is independent of the environment.
To be sure, this was from a low level, but it's a start.
So fiscal policy at the national level is countercyclical: as the economy shrinks, government expands.
Although they were behaving at about the level where thumb wrestling seems dignified.
Yet discussions regarding implementing a single payer system at the state or national level seem to be taboo.
But now the rate of climate change driven by human activity is reaching a level that dwarfs natural rates of change.
Everyone had side effects of one type or another, and everyone reported the same level of improvement.
One of the major economic risks facing this country is the excessive use of debt at every level.
It can probably keep running at this level for several more years but a re-stocking is in order.
The description was critical to understanding the design since the memorial worked more on an emotional level than a formal level.
Seven lives have been saved, at an acceptable level of risk to four others.
Most people agree that what is needed is a reduction in the global level of greenhouse gas emissions.
Every time a swimmer is killed, the number of deaths by drowning goes down for a few years and then returns to the normal level.
The level of detail could revolutionize epilepsy treatment by allowing for less invasive procedures to detect and treat seizures.
But that level quickly dropped, and other readings have been far lower.
F or diabetics keeping tabs on their blood sugar level, life is punctuated with painful needle sticks.
But this approach only works in those with enough remaining nerve capacity, and it provides a limited level of control.
The face is then rotated so that the eyes are level and scaled to a uniform size.
The pathogens studied in level three labs can be transmitted through the air and cause potentially lethal infection.
The cluster must become the unit on which selection acts, and subsequent adaptations must occur in cluster-level traits.
But this ignores the costs to those who do not speak world languages with a high level of fluency.
The level of our consciousness is the height of these qualia-shapes.
Outwardly these species vary wildly, but at the molecular level they are staggeringly uniform.
The road to economic growth nowadays is paved with a high level of reading comprehension and sophisticated technical skills.
It was that extra year that put my entry-level job search in the recession's beginning.
They embedded earlier buildings in tremendous landfills that raised the ground level of the entire site by several yards.
To be sure, there are some trades where a college-level education is necessary.
Endowed with a unique electorate, things can happen at the local level that aren't possible at the national or even state level.
But other factors may matter as well, over and above the effects of income or the level of economic development.
But on any level of economic organization above the size of a small village, this will not be true.
For me, your level of compensation should be commensurate with how badly you have to warp your life to achieve said level.
The biggest difference between my work life and my school life is that my job allows for a high level of personalization.
Above some level of income required to meet basic needs, the absolute level of wealth didn't seem to matter.
On some level, this shouldn't be completely shocking.
Brant cannot claim that level of renown, but his résumé is not shabby.
Beyond technical precision, you'll find evidence of an almost extreme level of thoughtfulness behind the story of this gathering.
So basically the difference is the level of the guys inside the polo field.
Past predictions of sea-level rise owing to global warming were exaggerated, according to a new study.
But the point is that at any given level of income, education or occupational level, you are better off in a more-equal state.
Master one level, and you get a new, more difficult round.
Many animals have some level of social intelligence, allowing them to coexist and cooperate with other members of their species.

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