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If you hire a lawyer to argue a case and they lose, there's rarely cause to sue the lawyer.
If the defendant or his lawyer or doctor do not believe that is the case after an evaluation, than they should argue it in court.
The lawyer said the policy appeared to conflict with federal law.
Bella wanted to be a lawyer, and to be a lawyer you had to be tall.
In the ethical version a lawyer helps his colleague, whereas in the unethical version the lawyer sabotages him.
She thinks that someday, when she's no longer dancing, she might become a lawyer who works with artists and performers.
The only problem is the box needs four keys to open, and the lawyer who has been holding onto the box misplaced them.
My lawyer made money by working with the opposing lawyer, having meetings with them and working for their mutual benefit.
We'll probably need a committee, somebody to handle public relations, maybe a lawyer.
They will be given a lawyer at no expense and will have the right to remain silent.
And almost anybody can get a lawyer these days-which means there are plenty of food-related lawsuits each year.
It was the sort of convoluted reasoning of which any lawyer would be proud.
His career as a trial lawyer had taught him never to rise to provocation.
If anyone actually believes that's evidence, then please don't ever become a lawyer or a judge.
Guess what, if you get sued, you will find the best lawyer.
Three weeks after the online auctioneer filed plans to go public, a lawyer challenges the company's patented business model.
The attorney-client privilege protects the confidentiality of communications between a lawyer and a client.
The bear may eat you but it will never, ever hire a lawyer.
If a firm publishes a high estimate of what a particular type of lawsuit might cost it, no opposing lawyer will settle for less.
My point about making sure you can write correctly if you want to be a lawyer still holds true.
If you're a corporate lawyer, this is beautiful thing.
His father was a lawyer of undistinguished abilities but of cultured and literary tastes.
Out of her own earnings she bought a mop and regularly scrubbed the lawyer's office.
He was surnamed the advocate and lawyer of the poor.
It's not the client's responsibility to make his case fun enough for the lawyer to focus.
The university's lawyer disputed that, saying pay raises were merit-based.
He replied that he had believed he did not need a lawyer because he had trusted the other side to be fair to him.
But as a general rule, regardless of whether his client won the case, the lawyer always emerged with some kind of victory.
Two of my kids and my husband are science majors and my youngest wants to be a lawyer, and they're all big sf fans.
He also, at his father's urging, decided to enlist a patent lawyer to help him apply for a patent on the rocket camera.
If you do not post them in a timely manner, you may be hearing from my lawyer.
The lawyer who took this case should have thought it out more before trying it in court.
And once in a while it is a lawyer, who chose a less-travelled path.
In retaliation, prosecutors threatened he lawyer with charges and imprisonment.
It doesn't take more than a few minutes, and doesn't require a lawyer.
We can all make judgements on the law, as that is clear and easy to research even if you're not a lawyer.
He was a successful lawyer, but no one has ever accused him of being a deep thinker.
The preferable route, as any lawyer will tell you, would be to defuse such issues before they ever get to court.
In a court of law, a good lawyer will do anything within the law to advance the cause of his clients.
Turner's lawyer and accountant were firmly opposed to the idea.
But not before she had called a lawyer from her hospital bed.
Discusses how he combined his writing life with his family obligations and his career as a lawyer.
Each panel consists of three members-usually a lawyer or a judge, a doctor, and a psychologist or a social worker.
In the final instance he's no more forced than a politician is forced into politics or a lawyer is forced into law school.
Fourteen years ago on another lovely summer day the lawyer.
To get this far she has had to see doctors, talk to counselors, arrange for a lawyer.
No fewer than twenty-two people are on trial here, each with his own lawyer.
He seemed to get the idea and stopped pushing his lawyer's shingle into my face.
Find out what a lawyer referral service is and what it can do for you.
It is likely that everyone, at some point, will need a lawyer.
And one of the first things she asked for on waking was her lawyer.
He invited me to go to his lawyer's office the next day and said the lawyer would explain everything.

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