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We eat in the park's toolshed, and by day two, meals are laugh-filled affairs.
At first that made me laugh, but it started happening enough to become baffling.
They are making me laugh with the inanity of their conversation.
Reading through it, your initial tendency may be to laugh out loud.
When someone shouted a number, everyone would be reminded of the joke, and laugh.
The provocateurs knew their audience's sensibilities and how to offend them for a childish laugh.
For those who lack a sense of humor, often people laugh at statements that are deliberately offensive.
It almost always takes something unexpected to make me laugh.
If you are an automobile or motorsport fan, there are lots of tidbits that will grab your attention and make you laugh.
Trying to make strangers laugh is crazy and more than a little narcissistic.
Despite steady advances in hardware, no machine could think as far as to laugh at a pratfall or make a bad pun.
We know to be scared at the scary parts, laugh at the funny parts and feel sad at the sad parts.
But the technology is fallible and criminals often have the last, unidentifiable, laugh.
Quakers, who know how to laugh at themselves, thought it was hugely funny.
What makes us laugh is that their are regulators who are complacently watching this atrocity happen.
Tell a hillbilly joke at a smart dinner party and everyone will laugh.
The headline of the post is utterly hilarious, thank you for a minute of good laugh.
Saying well causes a laugh, doing well causes silence.
These, however, are not the ingredients of laugh-out-loud comedy.
As the human brain evolved, humans were able to laugh before they could speak, according to a new study.
Australians often laugh at some people's notion that kangaroos hop down the streets of the country's major cities.
At a nursing home, residents laugh as he tows their wheelchairs down the hall.
Afghan people laugh a lot, and many are in permanently good humor.
We laugh, we're silly, and we're blissfully free of our responsibilities to anyone but ourselves.
Westerners may laugh at the puny elevations and elevation gains of these peaks.
Now, on this night, people laugh at a comedian who comes to them from the days when films were silent.
He slaps his hand on the table, and that booming laugh echoes around the bar.
They laugh and smile in the face of adversity time and time again.
He is kind, generous and loves to make people laugh.
Also a great place to laugh at drunk college students.
And if you do, you are not allowed to laugh at any more jokes.
Their philosophy was if it gets a laugh, leave it in.
It is a perfect example of that weird sitcom blend of real rage punctuated by timed breaks for the laugh track.
And yet they are able to laugh about it and be amused by the spectacle.
These produced a laugh-out-loud moment every few pages.
The alacrity of the reply pleased him, and the smile broadened into a laugh.
She was a cheerful, hearty soul, and it was no more trouble for her to laugh than it is for a bird to sing.
The three sanitation workers, in the third row, began to laugh.
The audience has to know what to laugh at, and they are not ready for that yet.
It's not every day you read something that makes you laugh out loud every other page.
If you are looking for an error it is not wise to laugh possible explanations away.
Contemporary games can pump us full of adrenaline, they can make us laugh, but they have not yet provoked us to tears.
Suddenly in the office down the hall a coworker would no longer laugh at the same old jokes.
He didn't laugh, or ask questions, or slowly back away.
His laugh is robust and warm, and his mind is quick and can be challenging.
Even in a catastrophe, there had to be some time when you would smile and you would laugh.
Pretty soon one soldier would laugh over something in a letter, then everyone would laugh.
The church across the street, friends to laugh with and a close loving community.
It touched your soul, it made you laugh and it made you proud.
They make me laugh in their wrongheadedness as well as in the ironies of their often-unerring instincts.
More often than not, these always included stories that would make us laugh.
The general public tends to sort of laugh at these types of crimes, even though they carry jail sentences.
He liked her smell and her downy arms and the way she exclaimed when something made her laugh.
We have the last laugh, the first laugh, and all the laughs in between.
No one else could make me laugh-genuinely laugh aloud-as he could.
He feels lucky, and pleased that someone showed up with whom it is so easy to laugh.
She doesn't know whether to laugh or to cry at the thought of leaving home forever.
The guest with the mirthless laugh declared that that was a pretty good description of marriage, period.
They screw around with people and laugh about it, but they don't do any real damage.
But there's so much adventure in that film, that you don't have to laugh to be happy.
The room made the sound a room makes when attempting not to laugh.
Laughter is a type of medicine, so try to laugh at yourself.
Plumbing is said to be a well-paid alternative-and always good for a laugh.
It had always been in the spring that she'd discovered her husband's affairs, a parade of flings that made her laugh.
Spotting the traveler, she swoops down to claw away his laugh and his unnatural sound.
Sam couldn't help but laugh and laugh, even as he ran.
To his credit, the director doesn't milk the line for a laugh, as he could well do-as indeed he would have done fifteen years ago.
Do not laugh at me for writing you without having anything sensible to say.
We had the temerity to laugh at the hippies, shamefully backdated by half a decade.
One hardly knows whether to wince or laugh at his description of some of his rallies.
Alcoholics have trouble understanding jokes, but they may be missing out on much more than a chance to laugh.
Even if the robot creeps you out, a laugh track might tell you to feel other wise.
With that, she began to laugh for the first time in months.
And they don't laugh anymore because nothing is funny to them ever again after being weightless in space.
The explanation supporting that term actually made me laugh.
Go ahead and reference isotropic data or tree rings and make me laugh.
When he heard a chimpanzee-sounding laugh, he said he started giggling at it.
Suddenly, and to the collective horror of those in attendance, he began to laugh.
Whimsically illustrated, this is a rollicking good laugh as well as an excellent source of information on dinosaurs of all kinds.
However, a lot of it is laugh-out-loud funny for adults.
His video spots are always edited tightly to get the maximum laugh quotient.
His subordinates gather around and laugh appreciatively.
They have fingers and toes, and they laugh and pout- they are adorable.
The awards are given out every year for discoveries that made us both laugh and think.
The squatters gasp, swear again, and laugh at themselves.
It has been awhile since reading something on line has made me laugh out loud.
Getting me to laugh over life's inevitable disasters.
And if they didn't laugh, that's also pretty objective.
The audience laughed, but it wasn't a derisive laugh.
Especially when it's comedy, it's so much easier because you're doing it for the laugh.
They laugh at their own misfortune: when someone's hut blows over in a rainstorm, the occupants laugh more loudly than anyone.
But what he really wanted to do was stand-up--to have people laugh not at the jokes he wrote for others but at and with him.
One of the best ways was to treat the subject with humor, because if you didn't laugh, you'd cry.
But their banter was so boring and awkward, audiences weren't even sure when to offer a courtesy laugh.
They may tell their riddles incorrectly, but they will still laugh and you will, too.
Vivid as if they happened yesterday, these heartfelt accounts make us laugh, cry and remember.

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