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However, there are already many examples where such traits change rapidly in tight-knit communities.
Irregular bits and shredded pieces knit together so it stays in place.
As its mouthful of a hyphenated name suggests, though, this town wasn't always so tight-knit.
Knit or crocheted, they transform what would otherwise be discarded into cozy winter accessories that brighten the dreariest days.
Made entirely by hand, it is embellished with hand-knit scalloping at the cuffs and hem, and hand-painted ceramic buttons.
The encounters were often wary or violent, but they were the reunions of a close-knit family.
True cavers are a tight-knit group that do not readily share information about the whereabouts of holes in the ground.
Today the world is knit together with cargo ships and jetliners, advertising campaigns and television reruns.
The gorgeous grounds, the rich history, the academic prestige and close-knit community-all were a great fit for us.
He wanted a campus where people were close-knit, open to diversity, and not too cliquish or too rowdy.
He showed up for the interview wearing khaki green corduroy pants with a hand-knit turquoise sweater.
We were a close knit bunch generally, although with cliques and drama and all.
Its tight-knit, independent streak dates back centuries.
Its workers abandoned tight-knit cities for ever more far-flung suburbs, requiring longer commutes.
The big question was who in this tight-knit community would dare to run against him.
Finally, communities must be loosely-knit, unregimented systems where every member has a role to play.
Technology has made it easier to build tightly knit fan communities.
There are other benefits to having a close knit family of working professionals and educators, but they are fairly obvious.
It is a close-knit world and the team fought to keep their secret.
The main uncertainty is exactly how online and physical retailing will knit together.
The idea is to make customised medical implants which can encourage, say, broken bones to knit together again.
People will have to live in close knit communities, so everyone does not need a car.
They have tight knit tribal groups, but they are so small that all sides are always under duress from other groups.
Females almost never leave their tightly knit matriarchal families.
The new bladder is nurtured in an incubator that mimics body conditions, allowing the cells to grow and knit together.
Learn to knit while you enjoy live music and several seasonal brews.
The group te-s-e-ya is a firmly knit grammatical unit.
All things are knit together, each existing for all and all for each.
Knit government and industry into a seamless web of transferable expert managers.
Strategy in mind, brow knit, he moused his moves in a blur.
He slipped into a knit shirt and a pair of knee-length corduroys.
Nor is a strongman or tightly knit group of leaders likely to be able to overcome them.
Wool is given for stockings to those who will have it spun and knit for themselves.
Even the notion that single mothers are knit together in economically supportive networks is not borne out by the evidence.
If you have a close-knit society which doesn't give information then you've got to find ways of getting it.
On either side of the kitchen the wire is replaced by a ramp, made of knit twine, that ends in a small hole.
Green and red socks cannot distinguish left and right feet, nor can argyle vs polka dot or cable knit vs flat.
Some are tight-knit, while others have spread out pretty well.
They are used to living off the land, and have a close-knit social structure.
Basically people knit-pick at the science, with out trying the diet.
If you accept this simple scheme, tightly knit proteins tend to be older, and disheveled ones younger.
It's a close-knit clan that works and plays together.
Bailey uses the painting to knit the artist's life into stories of the tottering empire whose king he served.
In the past, when people grew up in closely knit communities, the community had its own ways of coping with the world.
Railroads had begun to knit the interior of the nation into an iron tracery of ceaseless, smoke-belching movement.
The ability to target a tightly knit group, such as a circle of friends or a family, has been of particular interest to marketers.
The following thermal knit cleaning cloths are excellent dust busters.
Excluded from this subsector are establishments that weave or knit fabric and make garments.
We pride ourselves in remaining a close-knit farming community.

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