kiwi in a sentence

Example sentences for kiwi

They remind me of kiwi fruit and perhaps they are related.
So huge were his bets against the currency that it is not really surprising that they succeeded, causing the kiwi to collapse.
It is decorated with whipped cream and fresh sliced fruit such as strawberries, kiwi fruit and bananas.
The greenest of green drinks on our list: spinach, spirulina, broccoli and parsley is masked by green apple and kiwi juice.
It looks the same as the green kiwi on the outside except without the fuzz.
The kiwi plant industry represents one of the major sources of income from fresh fruits for several countries around the world.
Place oranges, banana, kiwi and berries in each papaya half.
Water content of kiwi fruit was determined by freeze-drying finely diced fruit.
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