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The kennel housed many old dogs, some that wouldn't hunt and others that couldn't be taught new tricks.
The dog in his kennel barks at his fleas, the dog that hunts does not feel them.
The first thing you must do upon leaving the kennel or shelter is to take the dog for a walk.
Her recovery, they say, will be one year and during that time will be confined to a kennel.
While their owners are out of town, some pets live the good life at boarding facilities that are more spa than kennel.
Purchase a travel kennel that meets airline requirements.
Airlines enforce specifications on kennel type, dimensions, and labeling.
Provide a kennel for the animal to stay in during transportation.
Instead, your dog will spend much of the vacation away from you in an on-board kennel.
The kennel provides each dog with an indoor kennel run, daily quiet time, interactive play and walks.
The kennel should be large enough so the animal can comfortably stand and sit.
Pets must be in a kennel when guests are not in the room.
Kennel attendants care for pets while their owners are working or traveling out of town.
Buy a kennel that is the appropriate size or larger for the dog.
The kennel license must be prominently displayed on the kennel's premises and available for public inspection.

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