junta in a sentence

Example sentences for junta

The junta spends the money on itself, its arsenal and its absurd new capital.
Not only are there scant signs of change from the repressive ruling junta.
The regime that succeeded him was an uneasy tussle between idealists and a would-be military junta.
The military junta continued to restrict aid shipments and proceeded with a referendum intended to cement its power.
One of the accused was once a spokesman for a particularly nasty military junta.
The military junta froze the proceeds after seizing power that year.
Though she spoke of reconciliation, the event itself was a challenge to the authority and control of the ruling military junta.
He was uncouth and boorish, prone to banging the table with his revolver at junta meetings.
The junta has placed such strict limits on her activities that she has in effect simply been released into a larger prison.
Both bubbles of optimism burst because the junta was unwilling to cede any real power.
Understand that isolation will not break the junta's grip on its long-suffering people.
The ruling junta will accept aid only with conditions.
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