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Example sentences for junky

All he could find were trendy magazines and junky pulp fiction.
Here's what it does, plus a look at a few other purposely junky lenses.
It's easy and junky but it has sold many a computer.
We both worked in the same building and he offered to give me a ride each morning that my junky car was in the shop.
Within bounds, they can value the junky stuff at whatever they please.
At best, food and beverage companies can make their products a bit less junky and back off from marketing to children.
By itself, this is not a failure and contrary to mileage junky blog sites, it does not represent a mortal sin.
Learn the difference between those junky hormones that pop up in the news and the good ones that can help you.
Actually it was there goal to close upon our factories and bring there junky stuff here.
The best way to get a junky of his dependency is to take away the crutch.
To get a junky out of the habit you don't provide him yet another extra dose, you put him in rehab.
We hired two of those between a big group of friends and tried to soundproof them and kit them out with junky instruments.
For each day of vacation, parents need to pack about a week's worth of books on tape, junky toys and self-serve snacks.
Junky merchandising, a dirtier store and steps down in the offerings.
There is no junk food allowed in the house, if they want a junky snack they must make it from scratch.

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A junky runs on junk time. When his junk is cut off, the clock runs down and stops. All he can do is hang o... more
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