juncture in a sentence

Example sentences for juncture

The narrow, winding brick path allows one to wander around two ponds and over an arched stone bridge at the point of juncture.
What term describes/identifies the juncture between theory and practice?
At this critical juncture I'd like to offer some relationship counseling.
At the most critical juncture in my career, I decided upon part-time work.
The news business is at a critical juncture.
At this juncture, no one can predict the victor.
Wireless costs have reached a critical juncture.
The conference comes at a critical juncture in the war.
And compassion is especially difficult at a critical juncture of the season.
At this juncture, my strongly held opinion is that there is no useful distinction between mental-physical, medical-mental health.
Higher education is at a critical juncture, with complex problems and no readily apparent solutions.
The traces of our long journey to this juncture can be found all around us.
There's logic to promoting natural gas at this juncture.
Building confidence, it should be clear to all, is less expensive than building character at this juncture.
At this juncture the student might look up malignancies that occur in the eye and that justify removing an eye.
Thanks for the outpouring of fresh debate on the critical juncture of college sports with higher education.
At this juncture the white families left their homes, by night or day, as opportunity offered.
But the survival of their species ultimately depends on their ability to behave in the right way at a critical juncture.
We are at a rather critical juncture when it comes to energy policy.
The juncture of biology and computer science is another promising area of convergence.
There is a slight psychological uncertainty or haze about the juncture in book-s and ox-en.
Third, at some juncture, the rest of the world will put barriers up against unfair trade practices and currency manipulation.
And now health reform stands as another crucial juncture.
It would be a mistake, at this delicate juncture, to prejudge whether he possesses them.
There is virtually no better juncture to trot out the theory that a line is better with chemistry, and have it ring true.
Now it appears we've reached a juncture where civilization has got so far that everybody is ornery.
The final position was a peculiar juncture at which to offer and accept a draw.
Without question, we're at a critical juncture in the history of aviation.
Entrance has been tucked into the juncture of the two wings.
Users planning to install a local license server will be diverted to that process at the appropriate juncture.
In the bone on the right, the cartilaginous juncture has ossified giving the typical spool joint.
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