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With the decision-making areas of their brains still developing, teenagers show poor judgment in risky situations.
Self injury is more common in those with weaker self control and judgment, such as adolescents.
When a judge passes down a poor judgment, we don't blame the letter of the law.
Their clinical judgment must certainly be well beyond any reasonable doubt.
The judgment of the wise is, like gold, distinguished for its superior weight.
You have to trust your instincts and your judgment.
The judgment shall contain the names of the judges who have taken part in the decision.
Whether this is a good move is a judgment call.
Yet every object in town seemed to shimmer with an opposite judgment.
Look for people with good judgment, experience and wisdom.
Whether or not it is a "just" or "unjust" form of discrimination depends upon an over-arching value judgment.
Measuring good judgment in politics is not easy.
So basing judgment of species on even dramatic differences in appearance doesn't work.
Judgment upon any award rendered may be entered in the highest court of the forum, state or federal, having jurisdiction.
Ego, personal taste, and fear of litigation all get tangled up in the judgment.
He gives himself over not to mourning but to building a new, grounded life from many individual acts of observation and judgment.
It is a judgment, a judgment thrice removed, and probably an unsound one.
Either way, the evidence casts doubt on their judgment.
The idea was to go beyond the movement's old tofu severity, the air of judgment and self-abnegation.
They defined wisdom as a happy marriage between reflectiveness and judgment.
For the telecoms industry the judgment creates chaos.
Other trade unionists agree with that judgment-but not with her call to strike.
The federal court will give a fuller, written judgment in a few weeks.
At his bank, the local manager will use his own judgment in deciding whether to lend to people and businesses.
He writes with feeling, backed up by an impressively broad list of sources as well as sharp critical insight and astute judgment.
Even then, personal judgment will still play a crucial role.
As yet there are few concrete examples on which to base a judgment.
The coups continue, but the judgment looks increasingly faulty.
She has confidence in her judgment but knows that many affected by it, whether at home and abroad, do not.
Ministers quickly announced that they would appeal the latest judgment.
The reality is that for the majority of candidates the judgment is finely balanced and largely subjective.
Different people see from different standpoints, their own interest in every case directing their judgment.
It is a judgment, a comparison, in which two things are measured by each other.
We must accustom ourselves to a high standard and to a strict judgment.
But material is not lacking for forming a judgment on his philosophy and on his life.
Moreover, he had the instinct, the temper and the judgment of the born historian.
There it's left up to you to make a judgment call as to which pattern you should adopt.
Whether they add up to more than the sum of their parts is a judgment.
How abhorrence and attraction affect our bioethical judgment.
After the word game, the volunteers cast their judgment on six different moral dilemmas.
We try to make a judgment of what dose could be used without causing significant tissue damage.
And the moral of the story is: be a good skeptic and reserve judgment for when things actually start to happen.
Use humor and a light touch, particularly if you typically have good judgment with it.
All too often it seems rumour or ill-founded preconceptions become the basis for judgment.
For students who are reluctant to speak up, the best thing you can do is give them space free of judgment.
But that's a judgment no one but the candidate is in a position to make.
Subjective judgment must not receive supreme power to decide who can or cannot get tenure.
People in a bad mood have better judgment and pay more attention to details.
There is no impairment in motor or sensory function, judgment, intellectual faculties or consciousness.
For those freaking out about how it's going to be a judgment on bottlefeeding, read the article to completion.
When the propensities for guilt and anxiety decrease, one's judgment can be impaired severely.
In any case, those in authority receive a severer judgment when the situation deteriorates.
Science cannot explain why nor provide moral judgment.
Feeling physically clean reduces the severity of moral judgment.
Please tell me if you think this is fair, in your judgment only.
With that said, let's get a more current calculation of the accuracy of this technology before casting judgment.
People want to let their politics on a plant guide their judgment on this matter.
His wanting to be important affected his judgment about nearly everything.
Scientists wanting to be funded have their judgment affected by government funding.
There's no pressure or judgment if you can't do it or you don't do it perfectly.
And a good columnist will adjust position and judgment and even political loyalty over time, depending on events.
So saying does not imply that their judgment was wrong.
Doctors must make prescribing decisions based on medical evidence and their own clinical judgment.
We relented one morning, and against our better judgment opened the coop door and bid them adieu.
To make sure he has the best information to make the right policy calls for the country, which is a question of my judgment.
Short of that, he felt machines could be trained to exercise a limited kind of personal judgment.
Those tweeters' followers make judgments about their judgment about the social web.
The judgment included photos of inmates crammed together, and tiny cages in which some are confined.
But whether or not that's too much or too little is really a judgment call made by the company's management.
But let's not completely conflate our national self-interest with self-righteous moral judgment.
She took responsibility for observing the inhuman uses of power and for summoning her generation to judgment and action.
The judgment was announced in a brief unsigned opinion.
Ultimately, that judgment must be made by experienced supervisors who frequently observe the teachers' performance.
What matters is whether the writer has, in the reader's judgment, got it right.
They represent an absolute value judgment, made with all the paper's vast authority behind it, about restaurants' relative merits.
Many of us are reluctant to revise our self-judgment, especially for the better.
For some observers, however, the judgment was sealed.
Call it editorial judgment by dint of popular demand.
But bridge would be dull if no opportunities for judgment arose.
Don't allow petty grumbling to affect your prospects or color your judgment.
Its release to the press is an extrajudicial statement, and it smacks of questionable judgment on the part of the prosecutors.
The judgment creditor can renew the judgment, but must do so before the statute of limitations expires.
The judgment will take effect upon issuance of the mandate.
If you win the case and the judge issues a judgment in your favor, you can collect your judgment.
If you lose a civil case and are ordered to pay money to the winning side, you become a judgment debtor.
Collecting a judgment can be one of the more difficult and frustrating parts of your small claims case.
Explanation of a damage judgment resulting from a motor vehicle accident.
Judgment upon multiple claims or involving multiple parties.

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